Wednesday, February 6, 2013

THE PHYSICS - "The Goodbye" (Official Music Video)

Had the pleasure of crafting some visuals for the supremely talented folks aka The Physics. Song is called "The Goodbye" with the production by Bean One.  Dope track.

On the visual production side, we got to vaguely fuck a Chevy Suburban up.  Always a plus.  In fact, one of my favorite American childhood pastimes.  Originally in the treatment I wanted to express a more blatant disregard for the environment and just lit the piece of shit on fire.  Whatever.  Smashing glass, metal and toxic fluids into the ground water was still able to get my Dick Cheney pretty dang hard.  In other notes, three of us got Hep C from rusty pieces of metal in the junkyard, and one person died.  Overall a remarkably smooth shoot.  Please don't let me know what you think.