Friday, July 31, 2009

More Block Party videos

So many good artists.. so much shit went down.. now that we are all over it, here are some videos that I really enjoyed. Im pissed I couldn't really enjoy the bands this year, but here are some that I wanted to see.

They Live!

Hey Marseilles


The Gossip

Micachu & The Shapes

Donut Truck LIVE Block Party

This is the only video I found from last week. Either way, I just love that it calls out my enemy Thomas Gray at the end of it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Joyce Muniz "MEXE MEXE!"

Sooooo this dope label outta' Germany, Man Recordings is starting a mixtape series!! Starting it off is the lovely Joyce Muniz! It's full of new & unreleased tropical heat from Solo to Riva Starr, Man Rec classics re-edited's & house shakers. A mix perfect to grind your sun tanned bodies at the pool...


Douster, Douster, Douster '8 Bit Tropical Reaggeton'

Posted his ZZK Vol. 6 Mix a while back & now here is another one from the French native w/ the homie Arcade.



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old TRON vs. New TRON




Monday, July 27, 2009

Rabid Child x Block Party

Rabid Child once again killed shit. As all the music that was being killed this man jumped from stage to stage to street to tweet to lady to baby. Peep all his photographs HERE. And next time, hire him.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Poster of the Week #14

You get some bears eating fish and put lazers in their eyes. It doesn't get more awesome than this.

Recess x Saturdays Mixtape

Hey Greg,

Here's that mixtape I recorded a couple of days back. A couple of turntables and 30 tracks of summer fun. Thought I should put something together for rocking out at the Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend. Summer's here and in Seattle that means everyone's out of their caves and ready to party. I'm known for playing a variety of different styles of dance music depending upon the party and certainly have no shame in putting together a more populist mix. Starts off with a hip house vibe and includes a bunch of party jams. My next one might be on an eclectic dubstep/bass music tip. Or maybe dark techno. I love it all.

Feel free to share if you'd like.

Looking forward to this weekend!

Dan (Recess)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fresh Espresso Live at Rendezvous

Peep the video that Stephan made the other night. See what happens when you don't listen to us?? You miss out!

Fresh Espresso Rendevous Concert from Stephan Gray on Vimeo.

Whiskey Whiskey

Who are these damned Whiskey Whiskey kids?? Rumor has it they write songs about soda, pop rocks, 80's icons, and black magnets. Their live show is also apparently a bass-knocking, fist bumping fantasy of cover girls. I'm excited to see them live for the first time. Download there album HERE. Never heard of them?? Well, you can find out for yourself come Saturday night! I hope to make it after I go to this Cha Cha lounge show.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poster of the Week #13

This Saturday.. look for an update to this blog entry once you see the walls covered in stencils.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nectar 5 Year Poster

Nectar Lounge is turning 5 and you should go celebrate them! I was tired of doing anniversary posters after just doing one for Jam Jam and The Jet, and felt that I didn't want it to be fireworks and party balloons and big words that say "# YEAR ANNIV." So, with that said, I felt that keeping the vibe of the night, the vibe of the club, and the vibe of the time of year was integral. This big cohesive aesthetic made for one giant sunflower that dripped Nectar.

Macklemore Yucky

I wanted to take this time to explain a little bit about one of the performers for this event. Macklemore. If you don't know him you should, and you can do that by hitting up his blog, Bengal Yucky. This is a poster I made for his blog that he never used.

Yet, he must know if it wasn't for me he wouldn't have a blog. Then again, if he didn't slack so hard on his, I wouldn't have a blog. Mack is one of the most talented musicians in this city, and from what P is telling me, the new stuff is making him cry. I wish I could give you a taste, but sorry friends you'll have to wait for the show! For now just old stuff.

He is also an avid finger skater, so all you women beware!! He's known to ollie that ass, and kickflip the clit. At the Party Mountain show, I'm sure he will have the ladies swooning over his sweated v-neck shirts, bad wigs, and detachable moustache. He's also headed up to AK this weekend for the Homeskillet Fest, whatever Mack, just drop some new shit. Shit, OFS will even put it out.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fresh esPRESSo

I am in a group called Fresh Espresso with this guy.

We just released our debut album "glamour" You can pick up glamour at Easy Street, Sonic Boom, Everyday Music, Silver Platters and Triple Crown.

This guy says this about glamour.

"Not enough good things can be said about Rik Rude and P Smoov's project Fresh Espresso. The concept of their debut album is to link hiphop glamour with one of the main ways the city makes its wealth, coffee. True, it's a strange and almost comic concept (Jay-Z meets Howard Schultz), but it works. The recording also proves that Mad Rad's P Smoov has hardcore hiphop skills. For example, the beat for "Diamond Pistols," which P produced, could take on Just Blaze, pound for pound."

This guys says,

"Production wunderkind P Smoov of Mad Rad and his partner in rhyme, Rik Rude, have fused astral beats and Andre 3000–type lyrics to create a noteworthy album. It's cocky at times, but the galactic production mixed with the group's working-class reality make this an album worth rooting for."

This guy says,

"Rik's saucy, art-damaged gentleman flow is savage over Smoov's afterparty bounce, and P himself is a nice complement on the vocals; it's rugged but breezy smooth, experimental yet official, bugged-out but deceptively subtle"

...but don't take their word for it, go get yourself a copy of glamour and listen for yourself.
For the latest updates on Fresh Espresso you can follow us on twitter here.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I'm P Smoov.
Do you like bootlegs?
Do you like B-sides?

I spent the day with Darwin and Buffalo Madonna.
We made a few cuts, but this one was made at the very end of the day.

Buff said, "I sure hope this CD isn't scratched, cause that is the last copy of that beat in existence."

It was Produced and Sequenced by Darwin.
Engineered/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by P Smoov
Vocals by Buffalo Madonna

I guess you should listen.



They Live! "Whitney"

Fuck radio edits, send those to the radio station. They Live! is awesome, I really want to smoke blunts with them this week and then eat shitty meat wrapped in bacon. And It's Larry's birthday so give that man some love.


Poster of the Week #12

GMK GMK GMK GMK GMK GMK GMK is brilliant. I know a lot of you have seen this already but I definitely want to get him promo for this event. I must say I am very close to be doing with the vintage style of posters, and I'm glad this one was one of the last. It's epic and congrats to him and his birthday.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Interview Liquor Control

Hello everyone! Today is Kev's birthday and we are celebrating. Kevin Hulett is a liquor rep for 42Below Vodka and Cazadores Tequila and basically all around grand person, I felt it my duty to interview him to find out what his day is like.

Kevin and I head to Smith, he rolls up to the bartender shakes some hands, gives away a business card, orders 2 Modelos and 2 Cazadores neat. We sit at a booth.
TR: What do you want to eat?
KH: Lets go big and get the big poutine.
TR: Shit, the kitchen is closed.
KH: Don't you worry, I know some people here.
TR: Ok. Which is better Cazadores or 42Below?
KH: I'm at a split decision, Cazadores is sipped and shot, 42 is for cocktails. It's a matter of mood.
TR: What are your top 3 bars?
KH: War Room, Liberty, and King's.
TR: What is the nastiest drink you ever had?
KH: Hornitos. See, there are some tequilas that are 51% Agave and 100% Agave with no added sugar, Hornitos is just living by their name and its popular because lame people that don't have taste drink it. It's shitty. It's shit. Terrible.
TR: So you meet a lot of lame people doing what you do?
KH: Let's just say if I didn't have this job, I'd find out who my real friends were.
TR: So people use you for free drinks?
KH: Of course they try, but I know which ones to hook up and which ones to not hook up.
TR: How many bottles a month do you give away?
KH: 5 cases, 12 to a case.
TR: Damn! That's 60 bottles a month, shit, 2 bottles a day.
KH: Like I said, I love my job.
TR: How many days a week do you drink?
KH: Six.
TR: Are you an alcoholic?
KH: No.
TR: Would you say you have power in this city?
KH: I definitely have my slice of the pie. The guys that have to tell you that they are running the city really aren't.
(The poutine arrives and it is just giant potato chips.)
TR: How many bartenders have you fucked?
KH: I'd say none. I like to keep it strictly business. Plus, by the time they are off work I am usually tanked.
TR: Is there anyone's ass you want to kick?
KH: I'm a chill dude, but if you fuck with my friends then I'll deal with it. I'm not a huge guy, but I'm not a small guy either. People don't fuck with me.
TR: Who do you think will win the 1 on 1 game between myself and Sir Thomas Gray?
KH: I'm going Radjaw. Thomas won't show me his game and he's got chicken legs.
TR: What if you and I play? Would you a grow a beard if you lost?
KH: If I knew I'd have to grow a beard, I wouldn't lose. I'd play so hard.
TR: What does Out For Stardom mean to you?
KH: Out work and out hustle everyone in the city.
TR: Favorite band in the city?
KH: Elephant Rider.

Thank you, Kevin. Your time is much appreciated. I cannot wait to come celebrate your birthday with you tonight at Chapel. Everyone else come show your love to this man and buy him a drink for once.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Herbie Hancock x Sesame Street x Quincy Jones

PSMOOV showed me these and I had to share it with you. I hope PSMOOV continues to post shit like this because it's magic and I know he's got a few more up his sleeve. Herbie Hancock is without a doubt a G when it comes to this shit. It's great to see the two just vibe out in a room full of new machines. I am truly blessed to watch these two videos. I am also truly blessed to be working with PSMOOV who is today's Herbie Quincy Hancock-Jones.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sharlese's Bday!!

Today is Sharlese's birthday!! She is the new star of KEXP on Mondays from 2-6am. And Shannon Perry of Katherine Hepburn's Voice made the poster which I must say I looooooove!! Just come out tonight and kick it with us, and Sharlese, and the beautiful ladies of TheeSat. If you don't, you know everyone is going to laugh at you tomorrow.

OJ Not Guilty Tees OFS x WC

The guys at Winner's Circle definitely came through with this one!! Within a day, I made a design, screens got made, and shirts got printed. I love when people get shit done. We are taking preorders right now for $15 in all men's sizes. So email if interested.

Monday, July 6, 2009


FRESH ESPRESSO - GLAMOUR AVAILABLE NOW! P Smoov & Rik Rude have dropped the hip hop album of the year. Their songs shot up to the top of the KEXP charts, is getting widespread praise in the Weekly and the Stranger, and they are now available for you for the first time!! Go to a store and cop that shit!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


So it's July 4th and you are probably BBQing it up, so why not listen to some feel good music all day long?! DJ100Proof is back with another feel good mix to put you in the most chill mood all day long. From Orgone to Edwin Starr to Musical Youth to Tribe to Raphael Saadiq this mix just keeps me reclined and ready to drink a brew. I will be playing this Sunday at my BBQ!


Also today, the homegirls StasandCat of THEESatisfaction are playing LIVE on KEXP today at 8pm. So right before that sun sets make sure you have your radio with you so you can hear some new shit some old shit some space shit some love shit. If you dont have a radio go HERE or HERE.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Jam Jam Posters

Seattle's best Reggae night is Mondays at Baltic Room. The wonderful crew with Zion's Gate Sound always keeps it live. They wanted me to flip the poster I did last year to have a more summertime feel so I swapped some color, cleaned up some lion edges and there you go!




I made this movie.

Watch it.

You can tell me what you think about it here.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Physics - High Society EP

Local group The Physics just dropped this, it's got my good homie Phee Dill on some production as well. Justo, Thig, & Monk are three of the nicest, hardworking guys in Seattle. I must buy them a beer, fuck it I'ma buy them a pitcher. And that sample on "Callin" is way too familiar to me and I love the way they flipped it. Assholes.


Also, expect some OFS t-shirts and hats designed for these guys very very soon.

People dance on Thursdays

A lot of great DJs have been sliding thru See Sound Lounge lately and tonight is no different. Tigerbeat is bringing out Scottie B again (he is THE baltimore dj) and im hoping to get down there after work.

Another night I'm trying to get down to tonight is Rob N' Leach starring everyone's favorite Alaskans The FIle Jerks. It's a new night they are doing down at Rendezvous. I guess Belltown is the place to dance on Thursday.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bag Painter Interview

Now I know Chris Crites (aka The Bag Painter) isn't a writer for any periodicals, but I love the guy so much I had to interview him for the OFS blog. I love his work, which mainly consists of vibrant portraits on brown paper bags and wanted to share it with the community that I fucks with. He currently has a show up until July 11th at Roq la Rue entitled "About: Face." So get down there and see a great Seattle talent.

TR: So, I must ask, why bags?
CC: In 1999, I was drunk off my ass on a bottle of tequila and painted on a bag. I liked it and kept doing it.
TR: I see for your current show you have started to use different paper, why so?
CC: I wanted to work way looser than usual and make my arm have a little fun. It allowed me to stay fresh without working so tight.
TR: Who are your favorite 3 artists in Seattle?
CC: Robert Hardgrave, SuttonBeresCuller, & Dan Webb.
TR: What's your favorite 3 local bands?
CC: At The Spine, Akimbo, Mad Rad.
TR: You don't have to say Mad Rad.
CC: You guys bring it, man! By far my favorite live show in a while.
TR: What did you eat for lunch today?
CC: Top Ramen Oriental with lettuce and spinach that I grew from my own garden.
TR: Do you like sandwiches?
CC: Love them, Hillside Quickies for me.
TR: Nike or Reebok?
CC: Neither. Simple.
TR: Who's your favorite graffiti writer?
CC: I'm not that up on my graf, but I'd say I like the old stuff. That NYC raw look in the 70's and 80's.
TR: Do you like graffiti?
CC: For me, it has to have a message not just a name on the wall. I want something that is thought provoking and creative. Names are beautiful, but the average person can't read that. Break out, hit a bigger audience with it.
TR: Who would you be most honored to paint if they approached you?
CC: Noam Chomsky. He's one of the greatest intellectuals of our time. He is like a scalpel that cuts with insight. He is so spot on and nothing passes him.
TR: Do you feel there's anything you can do to hit different markets in this city?
CC: I'd love to open up a gallery and put out a book. Hitting other crowds besides the art world would be great.
TR: Are you down for a Bag Painter wheat paste campaign?
CC: Fuck yeah! Show me how to make it and I'll hit the ground running.
TR: What does Out For Stardom mean to you?
CC: That you want to be famous. I haven't ever heard it put like that before..**burrrrrrrpppp!!**
TR: How's that ramen treating you?
CC: Good but needed some cheese.
TR: Anyone ever tell you that you look like Chandler from Friends?
CC: I have heard that once before, but I don't know what he looks like.
TR: Do you want to kick anyone's ass?
CC: Scott Lawrimore at The Lawrimore Project. He ripped my boy Hardgrave off for $10,000! I just can't let that fly.
TR: Who wins in a fight? Bag lady or Bilbo Baggins?
CC: Baggins. Even without "Sting" he has big ass kickin feet.
TR: Best appearance by a bag in a movie? American Beauty or Run Lola Run?
CC: Even though the bag was full of cash in Run Lola Run, I gotta give it to American Beauty bag. Besides, that film guy thought it was beautiful because he was stoned.
TR: Hand bag or tote bag?
CC: Tote. Easier for the bike action.
TR: Funbags or airbags?
CC: Funbags!! What good are airbags??
TR: Do you like baguette?
CC: Yes, especially with brie.
TR: Any chance of painting the Baghdad all stars?
CC: You never know. Are they paying?
TR: If you had to pick one. Are you a dirtbag, sleazebag, or scumbag?
CC: Scumbag has a nice ring to it.
TR: If I gave you a baggie what would you want it filled with?
CC: A plane ticket to Amsterdam and cash for a Europass.

Thanks Chris for your time! Enjoy your shows coming up in Omaha and Chicago. OFS has your back.