Monday, July 9, 2012

Keyboard Kid x Based Soul


If you’re in any way familiar with the sounds of Lil B The Based God, then it’s metaphysically impossible that you haven’t heard or seen the sounds of producer Keyboard Kid.

Considered “one of modern hip hop’s most influential producers” by FACT Magazine (whose interview with him here is a must) and “the Pharrell of Based” by the Guardian, BasedWorld’s official president and Lil B’s “main producer” is keen to make 2012 his following the success of that other otherworldly Based sound architect Clams Casino.

It’s important to remember that you can’t be one of the most prolific rappers in the history of the world without working with producers who are equally as prolific.

Through sheer numbers alone, Keyboard Kid has created his own artist development bubble, finding and perfecting the ability over several projects to cross and splice genres – from the “shrill, maximalist techno freakery crossed with Wagnerian synth und drang” of Cosmonaut to Based Treasure, where he “ takes old soul and funk samples, chops and screws them and basicallrey makes them sound like the Stylistics in space, or Barry White put in a blender with Tyler, the Creator” - and constantly leave you guessing.

His Transitions EP, just released on UK label Donky Pitch to critical acclaim, was an amplified, fragmented version of the former, while his latest project ‘Based Soul’, which Southern Hospitality is hugely excited to offer to the world, might just be some of his most epic work to date, drawing from classic hip-hop samples and giving them the power, sheen and reinterpretation they’ve been aching for.

‘Based Soul’ is available for free download below. We truly hope you enjoy.