Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wes Goodlife Poster

5 posters in 2 days. I'm taking a rest before I start work on some new Jam Jam and new Physics shit.

Jet Poster

The Jet Bar & Grill is celebrating their 2-year anniversary in July and they brought some friends in to celebrate. If you haven't been up north to this spot you really should. They pack the place with adults of all ages. The best part is that everyone just wants to release the stress of the every day and have fun. I'm hoping they start bringing out more acts because it's becoming a place where major tours want to make a stop at.

Poster of the Week #11

This may not be my favortie poster I made this past week, but it is one that can do some good old fashioned promo. For Kevin's birthday I feel it is very fitting because homeboy is just a G. The Life, Tigerbeat, and Marty Mar will be in the building so you know they will all keep the energy high and the booties bouncing. Please come out and show THIS MAN some love!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thee Emergency Poster

Last minute solutions..

Party Mtn Poster

This is the poster for the after party we are throwing for Block Party 2009. It's going to be a night!! Oh baby!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Trouble in Spokane!

Jeff Echert over at The Inlander did a feature on us for our Friday show at The BLVD in Spokane. It's hoopfest weekend and I'm sure the city is going to be crawling with people. It's too bad Thomas Grey won't be there so I can play him and take is beard off. But that'll have to wait til August 13th. To read the article click HERE.

Rubik's Cube!

So, I grew up rearranging the stickers rather than actually doing a Rubik's cube like Will Smith does in that movie with his kid. But now, thanks to UltraMaly I can now learn how to do it myself! Click HERE to read. I think its brilliant.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mad Rad Not Guilty!

Both Darwin and Buffalo Madonna are found not guilty by a jury. It's been a long headache and we hope to move forward and up from this. Congratulations gentleman!!

Now come out to Fremont tomorrow to celebrate!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They Live! "Meth Heads" Video

I'm just really enjoying these guys lately. The sound, the drums, the videos, keep it up! It makes me wish I still had my walkman that played Buhloone Mind State and Dare Iz A Darkside regularly.

I hope to do an interview with them for this blog. Or at least Mizell, because I like to interview writers.

Monday, June 22, 2009


A new production brought to you by the OFS Family.

Project Lionheart x Fresh Espresso Poster

I hope the philly homies don't get mad at me for this one. I was really hoping to get a hi res logo for Project Lionheart to put on the eye patch because the shape is right on. Funny thing is you can catch both Fresh Espresso and PLH this Saturday June 27 at High Dive and I didn't make a poster for that one. Someone else did. So, if you miss this week's show you got no excuse to come out next month.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Poster of the Week #10

On Thursday of this week you must head to Nectar for a great show. This is the double sided version of this flyer. I think i like this one better, rather than the 11x17 version that just shows Neema. The aesthetic and break up of colors is what did it for me. Well, that and this one has my pretty face on it as well as my boys' and Spaceman. Just come to this night it will be most epic as usual. I'm looking foward to seeing both these cats live and see how they handle the crowd. The Life will definitely be in the building as will OFS.

DV One x Funk You Mix

The incomparable Toby Fresh aka DJ DV One has yet another mixtape for download called Funk You. DV One drops plenty upon plenty of mixtapes on his website. Upon first meeting him at the Songs for Eating and Drinking, he really impressed me with how much music knowledge he had about songs that mentioned food or drink. But I said it once, and I'm going to say it again, how could you leave out THIS??


Eddie Fisher - Cosmic Blues
Brothers Johnson - Get the Funk Outta Ma Face
Gap Band - Humpin
Bobby Patterson - I Got A Suspicion
Human - Body Freedom
Cameo - Rigor Mortis
Luther Vandross - All My Love
Jeremy Swipe - Lusty Lady
Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine
Sister Sledge - He’s The Greatest Dancer
Unlimited Touch - I Hear Music in the Streets
Ben Jammin - Soul Funky Train
Con Funk Shun - Electric Lady
Five Star - Let Me Be The One
Madison Avenue - Dont Call Me Baby
Dr Buzzard - Sunshower
Dayton - Sound of Music
Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music
Mos Def - Umi Says
Bobby Vince Paunetto - Fenway Funk
James Brown - I Got The Feelin
Mass Production - Firecracker

Tracklisting courtesy of Raindrophustla.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interviewer Interview x Jonathan Cunningham

Recently on a mini road trip to Portland, Seattle Weekly writer Jonathan Cunningham decided to hop in the van and come with us. He was working on a story and needed up close and personal time with the boys. I took this time to flip the script and interview him. It was a long day and night of drinking for this man, and I have definitely seen him in rare form. He earned a few nicknames over this time: Jonathan Snoozingham, Sly Pork, and Malcom-Jamal Warner. I truly like making fun of him and will continue to do so.

TR: How does it feel being an african-american writer in a predominantly white city like Seattle?
JC: I feel like the token writer at my paper. I really do enjoy Seattle but I love Detroit, I feel its my destiny to die there.
TR: Do you have a close relationship with family back there?
JC: I am the youngest in ten so you definitely know that its a big family. Every mother's day I buy my mother flowers.
TR: How about your father?
JC: My father has never read anything that I have written. I don't get him anything for father's day.
TR: Sad. Well, Seattle is happy to have you!
JC: Thanks, I love my job with the paper but the editor job at The Stranger is really what i want. Plus I haven't had sex with anyone in the editorial department at the Weekly but do know that some of them are fucking people at The Stranger.
TR: Would you fight Eric Grandy?
JC: It would be no contest.
(Jonathan Cunningham then decides to litter empty beer cans out the van like its nothing and shrugs it off when confronted.)
TR: Who are three music acts in Seattle that you are really feeling right now?
JC: Born Anchors, Khingz, and Fresh Espresso.
TR: What act do you think is most overrated?
JC: Hallways? Yeah, I don't get it.
TR: Do you like MSHVB?
JC: I like the drummer because he's black not because he's 14. He is the new Questlove.
TR: Do you prefer Nike or Reeboks?
JC: I like Nike but have never owned a pair. I'm wearing Reeboks.
TR: What size shoe do you wear?
JC: 8. Same as Bryce Brown.
TR: Better Segal? Dave Segal or Beanie Sigel?
JC: Dave.
TR: Better Freeway? Freeway or I-5?
JC: I-5.
TR: Beanie Sigel or Freeway?
JC: Freeway for his voice.
TR: Michael Jackson or R. Kelly?
JC: R. Kelly. He's done more for R&B music.
TR: What are your hangout spots?
JC: I go to a lot of really whack clubs frequently and hit on every woman.
TR: Who's your favorite dreaded person dead or alive?
JC: Johnny One-Dread from Rockers.
TR: Do you smoke weed?
JC: Yes.
TR: Favorite munchie?
JC: Asian food in the ID.
TR: Do you want to write a novel?
JC: One day, yes, but I wouldn't get a house like Chevy Chase did in Funny Farm.
TR: How was your experience with Mad Rad this weekend?
JC: Ya'll are the whitest motherfuckers in Seattle. No, not really, but you are the first white people at my house.

Thanks Jonathan for your time. I think you're a stand up guy and I am now glad to call you my friend.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mad Rad x Seattle Weekly Cover

To read the full article click HERE. Tomorrow stay tuned for the article I wrote on the man, the myth, the legend: Jonathan Cunningham.

Post #100

Only 100 posts in and I must say this OFS blog is starting to make some real good noise. Expect some changes and more frequent updates as we grow, but know that we will keep giving you the shit that we dig and dig for. Thanks for coming back again and again!!

Now, what is cracking tonight you ask?? These guys at Nectar:

I'm sure you've seen the poster by now, but tonight embarks Fresh Espresso's first headlining show at Nectar. Fresh has been making a lot of noise lately, and I am blessed to be able to work with them in the capacity that I have. They are getting lots of airplay climbing to the #1 spot on KEXP's Northwest & Hip-hop charts, and are right up there with Grizzly Bear, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Passion PIt at #4 on the overall Variety charts for the station. Show them the love they deserve and come out to a celebratory night. Rik Rude and P Smoov surely put on one of the livest shows in the city and they want you to have fun. Do it.

And this guy at Tractor Tavern:

Tonight embarks a monumental evening with the release of Johnny Nails' "They're Vicious". I must say it is a beautiful piece of music that ranges from some of the most epic of rock sounds to some more traditional singer/songwriter styles. He writes with a touch of love and performs with a balance of attitude and gracefullness. He is a genius musician and I will not be missing his honest and loving set tonight at 10pm. You shouldn't either, even if you just cop his album and leave.

Monday, June 15, 2009

GMK Poster

Chk Minus @ Chop Suey

I enjoy a lot of local bands and one that caught my attention last summer from day one was Chk Minus. A three piece including a bassist, guitarist, and lead singer/drum sequencer-programmer the band really struck me with a grand aesthetic. To be rocking that hard without a drummer was difficult for me to grasp, but soon after I found myself compelled and eager to watch Bryce Brown wail away on drum pads and keyboards. Recently, the band went back into the studio with a new lead singer: Buffalo Madonna. The past two weeks have been a hurried journey for the band to write new material and find a new balance within the music. I haven't heard one sound, and I am looking foward to this epic event tomrrow night at Chop Suey. Weekend (Gajamagic!) and TacocaT also peform. Family will definitely be in the house for this one.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Let me start off by saying that shellac is one of my favorite bands and they put on an incredible show! They’ve played the Vera Project the last 2 times that they've come to Seattle because it is an all ages venue. I think it's cool that Seattle has the Vera Project, which is a volunteer based all ages venue, but when you combine that with the general Seattle crowd attitude of not moving/dancing when not drunk, it makes for a weird crowd dynamic. I mean, shellac is a rock your face off kind of band and everyone was just standing there! I wasn't of course (and a few others). I would have to make a very serious effort to stand still while these legends rock out some of my favorite songs ever. If you don't know who Steve Albini is, he has produced some of the best albums of all time and he is the singer for shellac. Needless to say I had to get the raddest pics of them that I could. My friend and I managed to get up front at this packed show, but we were on the other side of the stage from Steve Albini. I didn't think I could go around the back to get close enough to get good pics (you can't zoom in with my wide angle lens) as no one was moving and everyone there had been waiting 4 years for them to come back to Seattle. So I hopped up on stage and quickly scurried across to the left side of the stage during the second song they played and snapped a few pics while right next to mr. Albini all the while trying my best to stay out of the way of the band and not encroach on anyone's rock experience. I then got a cue from the sound guy to get down so I hopped down on the right side of the stage. after the song was over Steve Albini leaned over and put his hand on my shoulder and asked me not to get on stage again in very calm and matter of fact way. He didn’t seem upset at all and I of course obeyed his command. He is known for calling assholes out over the mic at his shows so I thought that it was really cool that he didn't turn the whole crowd against me. But right after that some dude yells from the back "Hey get that red haired kid out of here! What he's doing is rude!". Suddenly everyone around me acts like I’m a paparazzo trying to get upskirt shots of Britney Spears, pushing me and giving me the stink eye.

This is the first time anyone has ever asked me not to get on stage and last time I checked it was ok to take pictures at rock n' roll shows. I do realize that not every band wants me to be all up in their grill flashing away, and if I could get great shots with a fish eye from the back of the room, I would. but god damn it, that is the way I think live band photos look best and some people might agree. You can ask the guys from Mad Rad, Champagne Champagne, Chk Minus, the Beats, Man, Fresh Espresso, Pleasureboaters, etc. I have addressed this issue with all of them and they’ve all said it was fine and they were not bothered by the flash or the close proximity. Judging by the rants on the Line Out blog post I seemed to have annoyed some people.

I did talk to Todd Trainer, the amazing drummer before the show and told him that I would be taking pics for some local music blogs, his reply was “have at it, snap away”. I guess I got a little carried away and got too close to Mr. Albini’s face, but I promise I made my best effort to snap a pic, then get out of the way. If he had asked me to erase every picture on my memory card I would have. I think I took a total of 5 photos that were around 3 feet away from Steve Albini. I honestly didn’t think hopping on stage for less then one song to snap a few pics would bother people. I’ve been in bands all of my life and I would be the first one to pick up the mic stand if it got knocked over or while they were playing (not by me, of course) or do anything to help the band out. I did not mean to seem disrespectful. I guess the kids of today have nothing better to do than hate. I'll be busy taking pictures.

more are here

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pedalpalooza Portland

So this coming weekend, Mad Rad is playing the jumpoff party for Pedalpalooza. It is a 2 week celebration of bicycle riding, bicycle loving, and bicycle dancing. The World's Largest Naked Bike Ride follows right after the set at midnight. So it should be pretty joyous. Portland, let's do this!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4 New PSMOOV beats.


I'm P Smoov.

This weekend I really wanted to focus on composing new beats. I have been a bit more busy lately than usual and I wanted to make sure to set aside some time for myself to compose. Here are four beats from my sessions over these three days (sun/mon/tue).


I hoped you liked em. Actually I hoped you listened to all of them from start to finish and felt what you liked about them. But either way I hope.


P Smoov

Tape Party Poster

The Physics and Thee Satisfaction are having a party with the homies at Triple Crown coming up and they are celebrating the life of the cassette tape!! I love it. Brilliant idea. Im excited to get my copy, just gotta bust out the old ghetto blaster.

Poster of the Week #8

I know you saw this last week, but here it is again. Robots in tuxedos, how can you go wrong? Go to this show. Just do it. It's your boys from Fresh, the lovely ladies of Thee Satisfaction, everyone's favorite DJ standing-on-table Darwin, the vivacious Lisa Dank, and EMP Sound Off! winners Dyno Jamz. I have not seen nor met the ladies of TheeSat and am excited to play a show with them and check out how weird they actually are. In the next few days look for the poster for their ''Tape Party'' with The Physics.

Also, sending out the Fresh Espresso - Glamour album today for print. Stay tuned for all updates on CD release show and how and where you can get yourself a copy!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Johnny Nails Album Cover

Our favorite guitar player is dropping his album on June 16th, and I must say Nails is a fucking G. He has been working with the likes of Pistol Star, The Cops, Blake Lewis, and Pawbox and decided his material must be put out. You can catch him at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard June 17th. I wanted to flip some old shit with this one, so we based the cover off of Robert Redford's movie "The Candidate". Other ideas that were passed around were ''Bullitt" posters and bunny suits. Im glad we went with this one, and I'm excited for this record to come out for him and for that pull out poster I made. Enjoy!

Friday, June 5, 2009

In the year 3000

For all you twit faces... Conan O'brien is now 3000.

GMK - Songs For Bloggers

GMK, the brilliant Golden Mic King, has dropped his "Songs For Bloggers" EP which is available on iTunes now! This young man is one of my favorite hip hop artists in Seattle right now. I love his live show and his laid back swagger and could see him breaking big out of the NW scene. I'm hoping we can do a few more shows with him before he blows up. Read real reviews here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New PSMOOV solo song.


I'm P Smoov.

I made a song today that I like and would like to share with you.

This song is called "after the lights go out"

I made this song on pro-tools (digidesign) with help from my KORG MS2000br and some soft synths (pro 53 + Kompakt).

For some more music by P Smoov (me) go to www.myspace.com/psmoov