Monday, November 30, 2009

Fresh Espresso "Big Or Small"

Fresh Espresso's first video directed by the amazing Stephan Gray. If you don't know, Stephan is a mother fucking genius and he makes all of us look super gorgeous. The days of grime and glamour are in full swing. Enjoy!

Fresh Espresso plays GO! MACHINE Friday, December 4th.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

ofs THANX giving 2009

from what was not lost

I'm thankful for.. that we do not lose our hands when we lose our gloves.

thank you D for the amazing dinner.


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A snippet of this song Appears on FACE SCRUNCHERS VOL. 1. After Andrew Matson reviewed the snippet over at the Seattle Times, I decided the full song should be heard to do justice to what Grynch and I had created.

You're On Feat GRYNCH by psmoov

Grynch performs Friday Dec 4th at Go! Machine

Saturday, November 28, 2009

$30 DEAL

So for GO! MACHINE, buying in advance is really the way to go!! Instead of spending $30 for both nights, why not just spend $20 up front and get both tickets, that is $10 in savings. Also, if you think are going to spend $30 anyway, why not pay that up front? Not only do you get a ticket, but you also get a limited edition GO! MACHINE t-shirt courtesy of Winner's Circle.

I know I know!! There are better ways these days to spend your $30, right? With this recession and the upcoming holiday season, I get it. Now enjoy your damn Snuggie.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomika Davis is killing the game right now.


OC Notes & Thee Satisfaction just dropped this single. Oh how I wish the vibes would go on for like 3 more minutes. Super laid back, real chill, and very swanky. CLICK HERE to download.

Thee Satisfaction plays GO! MACHINE Friday, December 4th.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is a TRIP!

DJ 100 Proof is back with an other FREE mixtape. You may know him from all his BBQ mixtapes, but man he steps it up two notches with this one. Just look at this lineup!! He's got gems on here, he's got classics, and it is all mixed oh so smoothly.



Dear John,
You are the one of the nicest kids I know in Seattle, and it's a pleasure to kick it when we do. You keep doing what you are doing and do it big. You are very talented. I have my brother's 87 Volvo this week, let us race!!! Grynch has lots of albums and lots of downloadable free music. Just CLICK HERE for more.

Grynch plays GO! MACHINE on Friday, December 4th.

Peep the cameos at 3:05


Celebrating the most recent edition and the digital distribution of Pibe Cosmo, El Remolon open the gates to his electronic vault (aka hard drive) so that we can have some exclusive B-Sides off the album Pibe Cosmo. Remixes, mashups and unedited material that has been played in sizzling sets for the last couple years. In the meantime El Remo is preparing on what is to be a wicked new album and a series of OFFICIAL remixes soon to be released. ZZK!! ZZK!! ZZK!!

01-El Remolon - Dabrye vs Mc Hammer
02-Cumbia Lescanera (ft Pablo Lescano) vs Zaptap-Citizen 10
03-El Remolon - Veridis Quo (Daft Punk reprise) vs De La Soul
04-El Remolon - Modeselektor vs Calle 13
05-Princesa - I Feel So Good (El Remolon Mix)
06-Animal Collective - My Girls (El Remolon Cumbia Mix)
07-Matias Aguayo - Minimal (El Remolon Remix)
08-El Remolon - Andres Landero vs Madonna
09-El Remolon - Escape a Barcelona (Ft Blitto & Jahcoozi)
10-Mochipet - Rambuktion (El Remolon Zapatillas Galacticas Mix)
11-Alcides - Violeta (El Remolon Remix)


Monday, November 23, 2009


Off the hard drives and into your ears.

It's not your average beat tape.

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Get 39 minutes of never before heard P Smoov production with special guest appearances from Seattle's finest. Get it dummy, it fakin FREE!


By the way, P Smoov will be performing at GO! MACHINE on Dec. 4th with Fresh Espresso and on Dec. 5th with Mad Rad.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

They Live!!

They Live! Fuck it, just look at all these fun videos. For more info on these hooligans click HERE.

They Live! is playing Saturday, December 5th at GO! MACHINE.


a collection of color-pencil, wash and charcoal sketches.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Physics!

I believe this is their first and only video for a song called Ready For We from their first LP. I feel it is great to give you a visual as well as an audio for these guys. They also have a more recent project (free download) that dropped in July. You can find more about it HERE.

The Physics-Ready For We from Thig Nat on Vimeo.

The Physics
play GO! MACHINE Friday, December 4th.



.in graphite.

a collaborative self-portrait series done in black and white 35 mm film, with some double-exposer.

by MANDILLA & Kyle Benjamin Macy.

As roommates slash artists we have a dynamic friendship and this collection of photographs shines light into our day-to-day lifestyle. This series explores our thirst.... for each other and for soy milk. enjoy.


at Porchlight Coffee (1515 14th Ave. Seattle WA)

November 18th - December 16th.
open 7am - 7pm daily.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tay Sean and Jerm form the duo of Helladope which is down with Cloud Nice. Taking a space age approach to the rap game, with a grind that is better than most in this city, these guys are steadily pushing out good free music. This is a DJ sampler they dropped 2 months ago, I'm glad to see the dirty versions on here. To download please CLICK HERE.

Helladope is playing Saturday December 5th at GO! MACHINE.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Champagne's Give Track

GIVE will hit the streets (and internet) on Tuesday, November 17. It will retail for $7, and I hope you will support the efforts that went into making this project. In the meantime, enjoy Victim of The Modern Age, the exclusive Champagne Champagne x Fences GIVE track.

Pearl and T-Mo both killing their verses on this one, keeping them short yet powerful. Gajamagic's production is top notch, as his drum's really get a chance to shine behind Fence's angelic chorus. Good work, gents.

Victim of The Modern Age - Champagne Champagne

Via General Bonkers.


I know most of you all have seen this, but for the next couple weeks, I'm going to be putting up some posts about artists that are playing GO! MACHINE. Today it's Fatal Lucciauno with this free verse video. Dude has great swagger and wordplay. I'm really hoping to see a music video from this guy ASAP.

Fatal plays Saturday December 5th at The Crocodile for GO! MACHINE.

Friday, November 13, 2009

DARWIN Cumbia en Otoño

Darwin has put together a real chill mix of Cumbia tunes for your listening pleasure. While he is sampling from Primo and Tribe, he is also mixing in some of his favorite Cumbia tunes of the past year. This mixtape is great and if you don't put one up in the air while this is on, you are wydin'.

CUMBIA MIX FALL 09 by Darwin206

El Remolon - La Bonita
Chancha Via Circuito - Cumbia murguera
Axel Krygier - Cumbia Tucumana
Darwin - Premier Dinosaur Concentration
Princesa ft. Rancho MC - Conla misma moneda (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)
Darwin - We've Got The Cumbia
Fanua - Paralelismo Style
Dj Negro - Texas Border Crunk
Lulacruza - Soloina (Alex Pasernak Remix)
Animal Collective - My Girls (El Remolon Remix)
Uproot Andy - Brooklyn Cumbia
Freakstailers - Cumbia Kamisama
Air - Sexy Boy (El Remolon Remix)
Alborosie - Kingston Town

You can also download the mix HERE.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ninjasonik - Daylight Remix Video

Our BK homies are back at it with the video to the Matt & Kim remix they did.


Seattle coffee roaster Caffe Vita in collaboration with 40+ Seattle artists, businesses and nonprofits will release GIVE, a downloadable music and video compendium to benefit Arts Corps, Seattle's largest nonprofit arts educator, along with Ballard Food Bank, Rainier Valley Food Bank, University District Food Bank and West Seattle Food Bank. CD will be released 11/17 and is $7.

For more info go HERE.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Garbage Art

A project dedicated to “urban beautification and environmental awareness,” the stunt involves placing the trash produced by select blocks inside artist-designed biodegradable bags that “transform standard piles of trash into vivid sculptures of color through the participation of local business owners and residents.” TRASH: Anycoloryoulike

Boey Styrofoam Cups

Found this today, I like it. CLICK HERE for more.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rabid Child @ Zombie Apocalypse

Rabid Child doing it and doing it and doing it well. To see more photos go HERE.