Friday, September 30, 2011

Reyes Time Lapse

Reyes is truly amazing, his attention to detail and precise line work makes him one of the world's renowned street artists.

Check out this short time lapse video to get a glimpse of Reyes work.

Also check out REYES site.

Fe La Soul

A musical tapestry created by Gummy Soul artist Amerigo Gazaway. More than just a clever title, Fela Soul is an 8-track, 33 minute journey into the world of afrobeat rhythms, funky horn riffs, and classic hip-hop gems. Using dozens of hand-picked samples from the Nigerian instrumentalist and political figure Fela Kuti, and 8 carefully-chosen acapellas from the Native Tongue rap trio De La Soul, Amerigo seamlessly intertwines the two into something completely new and original.

Nacho Picasso - For The Glory

After a string of enticing videos, Nacho Picasso (BAYB/Moor Gang) drops his anticipated For the Glory, a portal into Nacho’s dark side.

Without straying too far from his punchline-filled cadence or hard-on-a-bitch philosophy, Nacho delves into heavier topics that are at times depressing, but always with flashes of an iced-out grin in between, a reminder of that lighthearted cleverness we love Nacho for.

Nacho opens with “Bad Guy”, stating his lack of moral responsibility, rubbing it in even harder on “Burn Bridges,” admitting that his evildoing comes at the cost of his relationships: “I burn bridges/ I trade all my friends for ends, I’m so frigid…” He also has something for special interest groups: “Sweaters” for the inkheads, “Marvel” appealing to stoners and comicon nerds alike.

Part Gothic, part mythical, the entire album has a cohesive sound, produced entirely by Blue Sky Black Death and Raised by Wolves, with the exception of a single track produced by long-time collaborator and now 1/7 of 9th Wonder’s Soul Council, Eric G.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

American Juggalo

Just saw this documentary (and Radjaw, I think) and "Fascinating" is really the only description I can give for this thing. Such a good watch.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nirvana 1991 Live

After all the drama surrounding the Nirvana showcase at the EMP last week, why not watch a whole show of the actual guys peforming? This is live from Halloween in 1991 at The Paramount. I'd much rather have a big rowdy evening listening to Nirvana songs over an overhyped karaoke of never was has beens. Oh my god, did you see them stage dive in the video?? Is he throwing his guitar around trying to break it?!?! Oh the horror! What assholes.

via LineOut Expires tomorrow at noon.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage Social Media Ads

A nice take on social media outlets with these throwback vintage advertisements. These are done so well and really evoke the feelings of older ads except they don't have the sexism. I do really want that 1950s twitter box. You can DOWNLOAD FREE

Flatland Album Art

Katie Kate's album is coming out October 18th and we are celebrating the release of her album with a gigantic party at Neumos October 20th. Make sure you get your tickets now before it's too late. Below is the cover for her album Flatland in which I used some photos that Janae Jones took. I think it's truly most gorgeous.

Ain't A Damn Thing Changed

I've said it again and again to you over and over. I highly enjoy this album by Nice & Smooth. It goes down as one of my favorites of all time. I know there might be a bit of nostalgia in the sound that if you weren't up on it back in the day, then it might not all be your cup of tea. But if you can appreciate that new jack swing early 90s drum beat then do it. I found a link for download CLICK HERE.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Physics Vids

2 new videos from The Physics came out last week. One Delusions Of Grandeur is great little animation video that has me reminiscing about Bebe's Kids. The latter is a tribute to bus route 106. Riding through the south end and a nice video paying homage to our City. The vibes are perfect for this continued indian summer.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Out For Stats

Season 2 so far has been amazing. Let's see what 11 more weeks will do to people. Good luck and fuck off to everyone involved!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Azealia Banks '212'


Azealia Banks is a 19 year old rapper and singer from Harlem, NYC. Don’t let her cute looks or the Mickey Mouse sweater fool you because she definitely knows how to talk dirty. Azealia has been spending time in Montreal this summer and it looks as though she hooked up with Lunice and Jacques Greene from the LuckyMe Record label while she’s been there. I’m not sure if either of them produced this new track but they both make an appearance in the video.

Kinda of my chick right now. If you come to see me dj within the next month or so, better believe that your gonna be hearing nuff of her. She can di club tracks or minimal 808 bangers. Download '212' below. You will thank me.

Azealia Banks - 212

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Champagne Champagne Doe Bay

Two nice acoustic versions of "Tropical Trina" and "Hollywood Shampoo" on a picnic table from Doe Bay Fest.

The 2011 Doe Bay Sessions - Champagne Champagne from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.

James Blake 'BBC 1 Essential Mix'


The multi-talented British crooner/electronic producer James Blake with his breathtaking addition to the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix series where we get to hear everything from Erik Satie to Snoop Dogg. Top notch stuff. Download it below.

James Blake - BBC1 Essential Mix

Erik Satie — Gnossienne No.5

James Blake — Olivia Kept

James Blake Versus Drake — Half Heat Full Versus Up All Night

James Blake — Pan

SALEM — Trapdoor

Snoop Dogg — Drop it like it’s Not (Harmonimix)

[unknown] — Unknown

Klaus — Tarry

D’Angelo — One mo’ Gin

[unknown] — Sicko Cell

Blawan — What You Do With What You Have

James Blake — No More Than A Road (Dub)

James Blake — At Birth (Dub)

The Chain — Suffer For Your Art

Peverelist — Roll With The Punches (Harmonimix)

[unknown] — Navigator

OutKast — Return of the G

Africa Hitech — Out In The Street

DJ Nate — 3 Peat

James Blake — Deeds

Gavin Bryars — Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets II

Gavin Bryars — Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets III

Odi et Amo — Johann Johannsson

Grouper — Vessel

James Blake — Untitled

James Blake — Untitled

[unknown] — What Was It

The Tallest Man on Earth — Love Is All

SALEM — Redlights

Rev. James Cleveland — Jesus Saves

Trim — Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)

James Blake — Evening Fell Hard For Us

James Blake — Placing Us

James Blake — Words We Both Know

Arthur Russell — Love Comes Back

Stevie Wonder — You and I

The Hump Poster 6

This is part of the ongoing series of Hump posters, 6 more to go. Every Wednesday we do it up. Make sure you come by listen to some good tunes and get a stiff one from me... drink that is! Oh baby!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Zuzuka Poderosa Knocksteady Interview


I love my girl! A likkle interview and some music for ya. If ya'll missed her two shows here in Seattle.. Get involved!

Zuzuka Poderosa takes some time off from the Zuzuka "Power Tour" to talk to us about how her mixed upbringing in Brazil, the West Indes, and Brooklyn led to the creation of her unique style of music called Carioca Bass. Make sure you follow her on twitter @ZuzukaPoderosa

Podcast #69: KS Presents - Zuzuka Poderosa by Knocksteady

Tom Selleck's Moustache

Is taking over. And it looks amazing anywhere it goes.

East Coast

I'll be out East 10/13-10/20. Holler__

Friday, September 16, 2011

OFS Geniuses

This what The Stranger had to say about three of OFS' own geniuses. I must add I consider everybody that I fucks with a genius. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing human beings on a daily basis. It is my honor to work with you all and a huge pleasure to call you my friends and my family. Much respect from NJ to SEA, OFS!

One of the more surprising transformations of the year was watching Mad Rad's Buffalo Madonna—a man known for scaling the sides of a festival stage at Sasquatch! a few years back and rapping from above the stage's roof—transform into a subdued memoirist publishing under his given name. A confessional essay Nathan Quiroga read aloud at several literary events this year, later published in The Stranger, was daring, dark, and rueful. Quiroga is of the mind that readings aren't as alluring as they need to be, and this year plans to start a reading series in alleys at twilight, with writers up on ladders, and beer, and possibly music. -CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

This year alone, OC Notes (Otis Calvin III), a local hiphop producer, has released four superb albums: Metal Chocolates (with the highly regarded rapper Rik Rude), The New Generation (embracing the new age), Medicine, and Secret Society. As a local hiphop album, Secret Society (the first of OC's rock-influenced recordings, the other being The New Generation) is second only to Shabazz Palaces' Black Up—and it's a close second. (True, if THEESatisfaction had released their sophomore album this year, Secret Society would be third—but, again, a very close third). OC Notes, who recently moved into Vitamin D's former recording place in Pioneer Square, is a genius, and like all true geniuses, he is generous. OC Notes is a pure giver; he is always giving beats to this city. -CHARLES MUDEDE

Katie Kate is a rapper, producer, and classically trained pianist. She studied music at Cornish and is currently a member of the Out for Stardom crew (Mad Rad, Fresh Espresso, and Metal Chocolates). Recently she completed her debut album, Flatland, which we're hoping will be released this year—and the album's production is solid and her range (singing, rapping, beat-making, keyboarding) impressive. Indeed, Katie Kate could easily become one of the top local producers—a realm that's screaming for more female talent. Her hiphop beats for "Totebag" and "Body Out" are first-rate, and the techno/new wave of "Copenhagen" and "Houses" is beautifully cold, dark, and cosmopolitan. Katie has a muscular sense of composition or design; her music is carefully built, part by part, with this part corresponding with that part, and this melodic line corresponding with that melodic line. Her music is in the details. -CHARLES MUDEDE


Nacho PIcasso - Marvel

The Tat in the Hat is back with another BSBD beat, this one all comic themed. Punchlines and swagger, go Nacho.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lil B 'Im Paris Hilton' (Tony Goods Remix)


Dash aka Tony Goods comes with a banger. Big sound, but super minmal giving 'Im Paris Hilton' a well needed reworking. ZING

320MP3 DOWNLOAD!: Lil B - "I'm Paris Hilton" (Tony Goods Remix) *NEW* by DASH EXP

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

RIP Tupac

15 years ago today.

Biggie & Tupac full documentary.

OK OK OK OK I know it was in his song, but really??

Thanks Lar for reminding me.

Zuzuka Poderosa Tonight At Nectar Lounge


Tonight is the night! Zuzuka drops into Necatr Lounge for a set you dont wanna miss! GLOBAL BASS MADNESS!! LETS GO!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lean House


Them Paris marauders are at it again, new french dj/producer Boston Bun is onto something with his robotussin infused lean house movement. Together with dancefloor aficionado Brodinski he’s started screwing and sometimes chopping up house classics etc. at 108 bpm and the result is remarkable. Be sure to bookmark the lean house Tumblr and Soundcloud pages where you’ll find an lean edit for download every week.

So here is the Boston Bun “Lean House Mixtape” filled to the brink with slo-mo house edits from an all-star team ranging from LOL Boys to Surkin, an exclusive edit from Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team and also the Boston Bun remix of recently released track “Javier” from Club Cheval member Myd.

“Do we really need to explain why we screw and chop our favorite house tracks? This is a dedication to H-Town, from Paris with love, RIP DJ SCREW. HOUSIZZURP, SLOW MO ON THE DANCEFLOOR”

-Boston Bun

Myd – Javier (Boston Bun Lean House Remix)

Boston Bun Presents LEAN HOUSE MIXTAPE vol. 1 by Boston Bun

Kikumoto Allstars – Warehouse Days (LOL Boys Lean House Edit)
Dj Hell – Wonderland (Purpp Cobain Lean House Edit)
Hot Natured – Forward Motion (Dj Mehdi Lean House Edit)
LNR – Work It To The Bone (Samo Sound Boy Lean House Edit)
Kazaky – In The Middle (B.Ames Mix) (Sam Tiba Lean Horse Edit)
Wiley – Crash Bandicoot (Mumdance Lean House Edit)
Green Velvet ft Russoul – Millie Vanillie (Boston Bun Lean House Edit)
Kikumoto Allstars – Can’t Stop The House (LOL Boys Lean House Edit)
Josh One – Contemplation (King Britt Remix) (Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team Lean House Edit)
Adonis – No Way Back (Surk’Lean Edit)
2000 and One – Spanish Fly (Out One Ritalin Edit)
Kevin Saunderson – Bassline (Joris Voorn Mix) (Brodinski Lean House Edit)
Joe Smooth – Promised Land (Das Glow Lean House Edit)

Dark Side of Oz

I'm sure we've all seen this in this way, but sometimes it's always a little bit off. This guy synced it up for us to watch and enjoy online. Now if only we could get Otis to do the same for The Emerald City Sequence. I'll just have to cross my fingers.

Dj Negro 'Colombia Fest' Buenos Aries

The king of screwed cumbia aka rebajadas, DJ Negro is still going strong down in Colombia. I first heard of him through Bersea Discos, a San Francisco based label / club night run by Shawn Reynaldo & Oro 11.

Negro & friends throw a monthly party called The Colombia Fest, in Buenos Aires. This party looks nutz. Im gonna HAVE to make it down there eventually. Check his new dj promo video out and download two of his new rebajadas below.

Dj Negro - All Dub

Dj Negro - Mexican Machine

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nike Mag 2011

Looks like Nike is releasing the Air McFlys 4 years early. Who needs Jordans anymore?

*Update via Chief

Decorated Playlist

Simon Foster, DJ & designer puts together online mixtapes that have a common theme, does art for them, and puts them up in glorious fashion. Songs about money, cover songs, and songs about rainbows are just some of the ideas he tackles. CLICK HERE to see all and of course enjoy!


If you do one thing tonight, do this!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Good Sin "Bad About You"

Definitely my favorite track off of Late, Sin has finally put a visual to the song. Looks great and I am loving that bowtie, Sir!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Mad Rad performing Party Mountain live on KEXP from Bumbershoot. CLICK HERE to see what KEXP thought of it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mad Rad Bumbershoot 2011 T Shirt


Headed down to Winners Circle right now to pick up the new Mad Rad tee's for Bumbershoot. We wanted to tie it in with recent release of Douster's 'The Youth Die Young' remixes. Head down to Seattle Center this Sunday to cop yours. We play the Fisher Greeen stage at 2:15.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mad Rad X Douster "The Youth Die Young" Remixes

Lyon, France based tropical dance DJ/producer and global bass alchemist, Douster releases remix EP of Mad Rad's The Youth Die Young. Tied closely to Zizek Records after spending two years in Buenos Aries, Douster takes cues from his love of hardstyle, house, bass, cumbia, dancehall, and rap to transform club music into a sonic gumbo. Douster has put out remixes for Rusko, Gucci Mane, Toddla T, and released singles with Diplo, Savage Skulls, and Chilean producers Zonora Point. Now, he puts his spin on the electronic hip hop rumble of Seattle's Mad Rad. The remixes see Douster veering into future Chicago house, half time speed merengue / half space juke, Miami acid bass house, and ambient 808 machine funk. The Douster and Mad Rad combination is a mix you can sink your ears into.

Mad Rad is a Seattle based group that has shaken up west coast hip hop with their combination of electronic focused dance music and frenzied live show. The Youth Die Young is their second full length album, and the band has been supporting it hard by relentlessly touring and playing the Northwest’s largest festivals. Douster got to know Mad Rad’s music after playing a show with the group’s DJ, Darwin in 2009. They exchanged music over the next couple years, chopped it up over Flocka’s new mix tapes, and established a like-minded musical rapport. Douster touched down in Seattle earlier this year for a show, and when he heard tracks off the new record first hand in the studio, it became obvious remixes needed to happen. Now, for your free downloadable listening pleasure, we give to you: Douster’s The Youth Die Young remixes.


1. The Youth Die Young
2. The Machine
3. Jungle Cat
4. I Want Your Blood