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Out For Stats

Thanks for playing!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Purse Thursday - Reghann

I am interviewing the purses of women again and again. These women do not know they are going to be interviewed, so catching them and their purse in their utmost natural presence is very important. I'm excited to learn more about the fashions and styles of women, see how much stuff they carry around, and just how clean or nasty they are. Shall we?

Recently, I got to meet some very great people while working and touring with Crypts. One of them is not only the wife of the lead singer, but also my new personal hair stylist. This woman is filled with class and a whole lotta sassafras. She carries a purse bigger than most suitcases. A few weeks ago we drank with a group of friends all over The Hill. I give to you, Reghann and her purse.

Reghann, 34. Black leather bag. 12:02am - Unicorn.

Radjaw: What kind of purse is that?
Reghann: Marc Jacobs
Radjaw: How long have you had it?
Reghann: I don't know, like five years. It's my everything purse. I love it!
Radjaw: What do you love about it?
Reghann: I love the shape of it and after all this time it still smells the fucking same.
Radjaw: Can I see what's in it?
Reghann: Why?
Radjaw: Because it's fucking huge!
Reghann: OK, but Steve (her husband) needs a Jager shot first.
Steve: Woooo!!!
Reghann: Jesus, I have so much shit in here.
Radjaw: Let's see!
Downy spray
Small water bottle, empty
Big water bottle, half full
Nail polish
Dog shit bags
*Just then everything on the table falls onto the ground.
Reghann: This is like the one time I went to a psychiatrist.
Radjaw: ?...
Crumpled up heart napkin
Embassy Suites hotel card
Reghann: Portland!
Steve: Portlaaaaaannndddd!!!
Small water bottle, full
Medium water bottle, almost empty
Radjaw: You sure do have a lot of water bottles in there.
Reghann: I like to stay hydrated, plus I get them at my job.
Radjaw: It's like a personal recycling bin.
Empty pack of gum
Chloe lotion
Band-aids, empty
Victoria's Secret gift card
Reghann: I don't wanna put that! I want to keep that.
*Puts card into pocket
Nail file
Hand lotion
Face lotion
Lip gloss
Reghann: (Yelling to bar) Someone left Yves Saint Lauren lip gloss on the table! It's mine now!
Radjaw: Is that everything?
Reghann: Yes.. time to photobooth!
Radjaw: YIKES.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stop Biting

New compilation out now!! It is always great to see people working in their own elements. This a series of 8 small vignettes, capturing the studios and sentiment of the Stop Biting DJs featuring: OCnotes, WD4D, Suttikeeree, Specs Wizard, Ear Dr.Umz, Arthur Russell Simmons, Showbot, & Macros. This is super motivating and inspiring for me and my ship shop studio I'm putting together.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Champagne Poster

Toro Y Moi "So Many Details"

Official video for Toro Y Moi's "So Many Details". The first single off his new album "Anything In Return" Out January 22.

OCnotes - Food-$$-Booze-Xmas

"This record was made entirely out of christmas records. Listen to this with some bass for the proper experience. Your cheatin yourself otherwise. Funk. to the highest degree. Shout out to the architects before me, respect to the dons of the future. Im just playin my position. bump. respect.

A christmas gift for 2012 for alllllll myyyyyy peeeeoooooppllleeee!!!1"

Costa Rica

I'm going in January.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gnartivity Scene

Now this is a Christmas compilation I can fuck with. The box sets contain two copies of the compilation, with a kit to gift the other copy to a friend or family member. They also include a high-quality zine with original holiday art by members of Gnar Tapes and the bands, as well as friends and family. There will be other goodies and surprises include and we are only making 35!

White Fang plays The Crocodile this THURSDAY.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Worst Music

Some music that will be played TOMORROW NIGHT at The Worst.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Worst

This Thursday at Hazlewood in Ballard, WA with special guest Eli Anderson.

Monday, November 26, 2012

American Hipster - Linda Derschang

I am so happy to see this video today. It's been so much fun to share in Linda's vision of Bait Shop opening up very shortly. She has been in the game for some time now, and at the very least, I can say I am jealous for what she does. I look forward to working with her more in the future.

Friday, November 23, 2012

12 Seattle Days of Christmas

Thanksgiving is over! Christmas is upon us! I decided to make some Christmas cards for such the occasion. Please share these with all of your closest loved ones. Available at Alive and Well, Kaleidoscope Vision and Joe Bar. Thanks and enjoy!

2 Chainz Video Game

The game begins as Two Chainz is innocently shooting some hoops in his hood, when suddenly his Two Chainz get mysteriously stolen. This takes you on a wonderful 8-bit adventure where the rapper shouts out numerous tag lines while hurdling random obstacles.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Physics - So Funky

Love. This. Thank you, gentlemen, for always giving me some shit to groove to. Thig is always one of my favorites with his flow.

Cody ChesnuTT - Live on KEXP

Some of you many know my obsession with this man since his Headphone Masterpiece back in 2002. His raw recording style, gorgeous vocals, and simply smart lyrics always kept my ears perked up ("All I need is pussy, give me some religion, a brand new Cadillac, and a winning lotto ticket"). He released his second album this past October, Landing On A Hundred, and I've been digging it a lot lately. This video captures him performing in his best setting, him and his guitar.

Music History In Gifs

A guy named Josh creates these 8-bit gifs for the love of music and apparently making things move jokingly. Great fucking work! MORE HERE




Talking Heads


Monday, November 19, 2012


Straight from the horse's mouth.. Patrick Richardson Wright puts together a gorgeous commerical for Glasswing and a nice soundtrack to listen to for these cold fall nights. GO HERE

GLASSWING fall/winter '12 from Patrick Richardson Wright on Vimeo.

"Location: Ross Lake Resort
Music: Big Spider's Back - Familiarface
Products featured from: Rogue Territory, Poler Stuff, Stanley, Topo Designs, Apolis, The Good Flock, Archival Clothing, NW Axe Company, Estwing, Wentworth Pewter, Taylor Stitch, Glasswing
Special thanks to: All the folks who went out on the excursion with us (you know who you are!)"

Friday, November 16, 2012

Marley Marl WBLS

I've been listening to a lot of old school rap today thanks to these lost tapes of Marley Marl on WBLS in the mid/late 1980's. It's refreshing to hear cut after cut after cut with no additive bullshit. The commercials them self are a great bonus kicker!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Action Bronson - The Symbol

My bitches ass is like.. Fuck, that's delicious.

Purse Thursday - Kate

Purse Thursday is back! I am interviewing the purses of women again and again. These women do not know they are going to be interviewed, so catching them and their purse in their utmost natural presence is very important. I'm excited to learn more about the fashions and styles of women, see how much stuff they carry around, and just how clean or nasty they are. Shall we?

Sadly, one my friends and coworkers has taken a little hiatus from Neumos to go live in West Virginia or somewhere for six weeks. I do hope she returns and finds a job that suits her and all of her dreams. Before she left, I had to take a peak inside her new favorite satchel. Everyone... meet Kate and her purse.

Kate, 26. Brown leather satchel. 10:30pm - Moe Bar

Kate: Do you have any gum?
Radjaw: I have two pieces left, you can have one for a dollar.
Kate: It's in my purse let me get it for you.
Radjaw: What kind of purse is that?
Kate: It's a Coach leather satchel and it is my new favorite!
Radjaw: How long have you had it?
Kate: Someone left it here about a month ago.
Radjaw: So you took someone else's purse from lost & found?
Kate: Well, not exactly.. It was a gear bag for someone and they left it behind. After a while, nobody claimed it and I figured it was some band travelling on tour. It looked so good on me, I snatched it up!
Radjaw: Can we take a look inside?
Kate: Uhh.. okay!?
Voter registration card
Driver test notes

Radjaw: You don't have a license?
Kate: I do, it's from a while ago.
A package of AAA batteries with no batteries inside
2 single dollar bills
Lip balm
Health insurance card

Kate: That's my old roommate's card.
Radjaw: Why do you have that?
Kate: I.. don't.. know..
A few pens
Decibel staff all access pass
Box of to go food, probably Poquito's
Cell phone
Glow bracelet without any glow

Radjaw: There sure is a lot of garbage in here!
Kate: I know, it's my work bag! Hush!
Red glitter nail polish
A bunch of random keys
A mirror

Kate: Oh! I didn't know I had any gum in here until I got to the bottom.
Macbook Pro
9 more single dollar bills
Mood ring, blue
Bottle of water

Radjaw: You should probably empty the purse out and throw some of the garbage away.
Kate: But, I might need some of it!
Radjaw: Riiiight.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Worst


This is the part of the month we all look like shit, but just hang in there and we can do this together!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm At The Ocean Kid

New DTTTC! has the whole gang chillen at the beach. I love the Puffy dubs!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lemme Smang It

Yeah.. soooo... THIS IS HAPPENING TOMORROW. Let's celebrate Obama's victory by smanging on each other. BUY TIX NOW

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Drummer??

October 18th 2012 Constant Lovers will play their first show with their new drummer at Chop Suey in Seattle, Washington. Rumors are spreading like wild fire. Who is it? Who cares?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


OCnotes - Pre Future Post Modern Love Songs aka AlienBootyBass THURSDAY. VERMILLION. WE EVOLVE.

Raised By Wolves Mix

My guy & OG OFS fam, Unkle Chip, with his partner in crime KevLove have a new mixtape for you. The Elite Camp & Raised By Wolves NYC present to you their FALL/WINTER MIX. A perfect blend of R&B, SOUL, INDIE, & CHILLWAVE gems. Enjoy!

Onra - Long Distance ft. Olivier Daysoul
Imagination - Just An Illusion (Lindstrom vocal remix)
MillionYoung - Easy Now
Malcolm McLaren - World Famous
Charanga 76 - No Nos Pararan
The Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes (Jazzy Jens Re-Edit)
Mayer Hawthorne - A Long Time
Boz Scaggs - Lowdown
Toro y Moi - Talamak
Air - So Light Is Her Football (Breakbot Remix)
Ango - Better For You
Twin Sister - All Around And Away We Go
Ava Luna - Clips

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Come to Moe Bar and watch and drink and yell.

Killer Mike - Reagan

Rap music can say something and still go hard.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Best Death Scene EVER


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beat Prodigies Showcase

This is happening tonight with some very good friends and family.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lunice, Kastle, Cedaa & RL Grime Tonight 9/12 at Neumos


Big show tonight at Neumos. The dudes over at GB Productions & Live For The Funk have put together a fresh line up including Lunice, RL Grime, Kastle & my guy Cedaa. Doors at 9pm.

Dark Time Sunshine - Valiant

Here's Dark Time Sunshine's video for "Valiant" ft. Child Actor, proving yet again that falconry is the most badass sport.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kingdom Crumbs - Evoking Spirits...

Make sure to watch this on 1080p and full size. This shit is an absolute gorgeous trip. Seattle experimental electronic hip-hop band Kingdom Crumbs team up with Israeli artist Ori Toor to create a beautifully animated spiritual adventure pondering the idea of collective consciousness and the true nature of our reality.

DJ Apt One - Fich So Saxy

West Philly homie, DJ Apt One, has a new EP out and this one has been a long time coming. "The title track was originally on DJ Sabo and Sol Selectas’ “Moombahton Massive” Vol. 3, which was released as promo for a Moombahton Massive event at SXSW in 2011. Ultimately, I built a number of tunes in a similar style as an off-shoot of my work with Gregor Salto’s label Downpitch and the B-Side “Red Meat” was born. I remixed both tunes myself, and my good buddies lil’dave (Illvibe) and Vjuan Allure lent remixes as well.

The result is more or less an afro-latin styled Moombahton record – I played lots of live instruments- something that really hasn’t been done in Moombahton’s short history."

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes

This is beautifully filthy. I cannot wait for the new album October 1st.

DtttC! Poster

Sunday, September 2, 2012

OCnotes - "Walk"

OCnotes has a new album droppin here soon.  He and I decided to literally take a track off the album and turn it into a little promo/music video.  Took less than an hour to shoot and less than 10 joints for me to edit.  Check out

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Katie Kate - Zombie

New track by Kate. She is going to cut your head off. She plays Bumbershoot this Sunday September 2nd at 1:30pm on The Promenade stage.

"Zombie" was created the morning after a vivid dream - Kate was held captive in a 1960's ranch-style house in upstate New York, surrounded by fields and cliffs full of fossils. Her captors trained her in the art of the samurai sword so that she could help exterminate the hordes of zombies that rose up from the tall grass at dusk. The inevitability of sunset and the fury of battle inform this dreamy, ominous and bloodthirsty glimpse into Kate's subconscious.

Production, Beats and Lyrics by Katie Kate
Recorded and Mixed at Studio Nels, Seattle by Charlie Smith
Executive Producer - Charlie Smith

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DtttC! what's the 411 remix?

New remix album from Don't Talk To The Cops! See DtttC! at Bumbershoot on Saturday, 1pm @ Fisher Green!

The remixers, in order of appearance:

Rubicon 7 Swag Treated Treated Swag (Rubicon 7 remix) (Trashed Contest Winner!) Rubicon 7 is the creative hybrid of Elizabeth Thompson’s cutting-edge DJ sensibilities together with the production and composition of the classically trained Brandon Scott. Their unique collaboration results in an unmistakable style that blurs the lines around the typical genres of electronic dance music.

Wolf Couture Big Ass Head (Wolf Couture remix) Wolf Couture is a creation of Kevin Ross (a.k.a. DJ Teenwolf) the founder and former dj/producer/songwriter for the critically-panned Brooklyn band, Ninjasonik. Inspired by a mix of Based God rants, internet memes and an all-out love/hate relationship with the current state of “hip-pop” culture, Wolf Couture bravely makes music that has been known to irritate/entertain listeners through its deranged use of repetitive lyrics and bizarre concepts.

The Major Cities Tip Toe Right By Em (tmc remix) The Major Cities is the solo musical project of Joshua Rule.



Astronomar Girls Buy Me Drinks (Astronomar remix) Without exaggeration, Astronomar is one of the most exciting new producers out there. There’s an intangible uniqueness to everything he does, and a strong hip-hop influence which give his tracks a hardcore, but incredibly fun vibe. Since his first release, Had To Move On, on Neoteric’s Turned On Vol.2 last summer, he’s released on Mad Decent imprint Jeffrees, and Top Billin’ (Style of Eye proclaimed his release the best ever from the label). The biggest names, from Diplo to Crookers to A-trak, have supported his tracks nightly, while we wait for the rest of the world to catch on. This is that next shit.

djblesOne Goin Back To Chicago (djblesOne STR8 88 remix) djblesOne STR8 88 remix taking “I’m Going Back To Chicago” way back to 88 & the Chicago Underground. Hip House forever, shout out to Fast Eddie.

Suspence I Like Nerds (Suspence remix) Former DJ & Producer for The Saturday Knights

OCnotes Tattoo My Name (OCnotes atlantis lounge remix) OCnotes (born Otis Calvin III on June 27, 1985) in Tucson, Arizona, is a Seattle-based DJ, multi-instrumentalist (12), songwriter, film maker, and music producer. His discography includes 20 of his own original projects & a host of DJ mix tapes and music videos, plus collaborations with a myriad of artists.

Heart Island Swag Treated Treated Swag (Heart Island remix) Heart Island is the solo project of Whitney Gould from the Seattle band SPORTS.

djblesOne Guess I’m Strange (djblesOne in Paris remix) Originally from the 1st LP “regular show” this remix by djblesOne is in Paris. Puff Daddy thought he told me that we don’t stop.

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop

I'm going shopping now. Maybe I should ask Ben to see if he can help me find a new kitchen table and chair set. That's what I really need.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Introcut - Ritmo del Cuore


Shouts to Introcut for this mix. Big Sunday morning tings'

Saturday, August 25, 2012

DtttC! - Guess I'm Strange Remix

Take a ride with bles has he takes you to Paris. From the DtttC! remix album "what's the 411? remix, LOVE FAMILY & FRIENDS" Out 08/28/2012. Originally from the 1st LP "regular show" this remix by djblesOne is in Paris. Puff Daddy thought he told me that we don't stop.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Very Best x Seye x Darwin @ The Crocodile 8/22


The Very Best will be playing tonight, Wednesday August 22nd at the Crocodile in support of their new record 'MTMTMK'. Doors at 8pm and its All Ages w/ bar. Ill be playing thru out the night and put a mix together of some of the tracks ill be dropping. Download that below and than go stream their new record.

The Very Best Promo Mix (Mediafire)


The Very Best, the duo of singer Esau Mwamwaya and producer Johan Hugo, are about to release their latest joy-explosion on the world. It’s called MTMTMK, and it features collaborations from a host of other African-born artists. We’ve already heard the songs “Yoshua Alikuti,” “Kondaine,” and “We Ok,” and now the entire LP is streaming at NPR.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nightmare Fortress - Hang You On The Wall

New video by some good friends with the creepiest old guy I think I've ever seen. This shit definitely gives me the heebie jeebies.

Diplo - Set It Off

Diplo debuts a video for his track “Set it Off,” a collaboration between Diplo and Lazerdisck Party Sex. It’s definitely NSFW and set in a strip club in space with strippers cascading the screen on a never-ending stripper pole. Regardless, I think it was tastefully done. Ha! Sheesh..

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fuck You Greeting Cards

New greeting cards available from yours truly!! Whether you love someone or hate someone, these make a perfect salutation to those close to you. These five packs are available exclusively at Kaleidoscope Vision, The Hideout & Alive and Well for only $20. Enjoy for yourself, share with friends, and send to a loved one.