Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tigerbeat MOE Bar Mondays

Peoples definitely be dancing monday nights.

Saturday, March 28, 2009



Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hard Drive Gems pt. 2

Hey, I made these two beats last night on some chill vibey shit. As promised, I will frequently be posting works in progress straight from my hard drives at home to this blog.

- p smoov

Zizek Mixtape Vol.3 Fauna

Another mixtape from the Zizek boys. This time featuring Fauna. Check it and than get your ass to Nectar April 13th & watch them light up de stage!!

1. Intro
2. Las mil caras
3. El Gauchito Gil
4. El 04
5. El paquito (Daleduro wobble style)
6. Paralelísimo style
7. La colorada
8. La funebrera (Daleduro refix)
9. La picarona
10. Los piratas del zanjón

ZZK Vol. 3 Fauna Megamix

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Champagne x Sasquatch

well.. It looks like Champagne Champagne is playing an hour before Mad Rad on the same stage, so I figured I would do the same poster and just freak it Pearl Dragon stylee.

It's going to be a fucking day! A very long day.

Poster of the Week #2

Tomorrow @ The Josephine Mad Rad plays an all ages show. Come thru and kick it with great bands that include: Katherine Hepburn's Voice, The Drug Purse, and Bayonet.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Champagne x Winner's Circle

Here's a live video of Champagne Champagne playing over at Winner's Circle a few weeks ago. So filthy, JR doing it on this one. My only request is I wish it had the whole song. If you don't know Winner's Circle, you need to step your t-shirt game up and get over there to cop something today.

Champagne Champagne Live @ Winners Circle Seattle from Winners Circle on Vimeo.

Mad Rad x Sasquatch

Well, it looks like Mad Rad is back on for the Sasquatch Festival of 2009. We play Sun May 24th @ 12:00 noon on the Yeti Stage. I believe the madness has just begun.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fresh Espresso x The Stranger Blog

Charles Mudede wrote a nice little paragraph today on the Line Out about our boys Rik & P for their single "Girls & Fast Cars". Heeeeereeee you go:

The Return of the Cigar Rockstar.
"I still stand by my next wave theory, and proof of that coming wave can be heard here, at 206Proof: Fresh Espresso's "Girls & Fast Cars." It's hiphop but it has nothing to do with MassLine, Sportin' Life, VitaminD/JakeOne/BeanOne moment that is happening now. We are witnessing a rupture, and the epicenter of that break is P Smoov." - C. Mudede

Fresh Espresso - Glamour coming very very very very very soon on Out For Stardom.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mad Rad x Macklemore x Fresh Espresso BHam

Some shots from last night. Shouts to Build Strong for putting on one hell of a show and taking care of us.
Fresh Espresso was amazing. They brought the party in there and had all the crowd dancing up to the stage. Believe me, its way tough to be a good successful captivating opening act.

Macklemore's set was great, dude has so much presence. He just owns it. He had a trumpet player with him and the vibes were beautiful. He tried to steal my thunder with a Seahawks starter jacket, but I cannot hate.

Mad Rad was up next and it was so hyphy. The crowd was loving it, we were loving it. Cheers to BHAM!! We're going to give Darwin the love on this one.


The man Luka Fresh is tapping into the ukelele you tube market. He's also in a great Seattle band called Golden Robot Army. Game peep game.

A Lil' Taste of What Zizek Gwan Be

Zizek Urban Beats Club from Whats Up Buenos Aires on Vimeo.

ZZK Mixtape Vol. 6 Douster

Hot new mixtape from the man known as Douster. He'll be up here for the April 13th show at Nectar. He combines Cumbia & Reggaeton (not corny Daddy Yankee shit) Balie Funk, Kwaito, Wobble & Electro. Also other genres that I can't even name...Check this shit!!

(Double Click Sucka)

Old Gem

MadRad photoshoot. From ages ago. Leeeegit. Darwin, what was her name again?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jonzun Crew - 1983

I don't think this needs an introduction...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Twitter!!?? Oh the horror!

Currently, Radjaw is blogging and taking a shit at the same time. Wow! I still won't care for twitter until i get a pda phone.

If you dont see the video refresh page first, if that don't work click here.

Highly Mentionables from SXSW

Ladyhawke, you gotta love this Aussy's edgy look and her amazing use of Gary Numan's melody from his 1980's hit "Cars" in her single "Paris is Burning". Peep her out and the rest of the SXSW up and comers on Spin.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New OFS Posters

It's been a busy day to say the least.


This is a sneak peek into a bunch of shirts/hoodies/crewnecks im doing with Triple Crown. More details to come on all of this, this is just a taste. Just know you saw them here first!

Poster of the Week #1

in honor of the show in bellingham this friday, we proudly put up the poster for it. based off of wall-e, it soon started such an uproar that it later was turned into a video game, and asked to be a t-shirt. bham watchout!! Mad Rad, Macklemore and Fresh Espresso are coming your way!



Hard Drive Gems

Hi. I'm P Smoov.

Here are some un-edited rough creations straight off my hard drives.
Give em a listen.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SOLACE Art Show on Friday

This is my friend Solace. He is a really awesome cat that is about to take over the urban art world. He's had tons of shows around town and this Friday has his VERY OWN UPPER PLAYGROUND SHOW! I heard that this show will be going to the Portland and San Fran stores/ galleries as well. This Friday's opening reception is at the Upper Playground store on University way and I will be there. I'll Probably bring my camera and take a few snaps as well.

He also does some pretty rad 3D stuff as well (like this custom munny doll with the worms!)

you can see more here:

Upper Playground - Fifty 24SEA Gallery - Friday - BE THERE!!

Katie Kate!

ya'll know about Katie Kate?? She's been down since day one! You may know her of Bakemono with Hanna Benn but believe me this magical gal is more than just beautiful composed songs about cats, dogs, brokeback, and R. Kelly.

Peep these downloads for free and be warned she is performing April 8th @ Sunset, more deets to come.
Katie Kate - Fast Rap
Katie Kate - Ice Cream Social w/Terry Radjaw

Champagne Champagne ALBUM

so you know the boys are going to sxsw this week and besides that promo, their album is now ready for download! i gotta holler at them and make that album cover crack off for them. best of luck in austin, gentleman!
Champagne Champagne - Download the full album now!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rabid Child

here are some RABID CHILD IMAGES from last night's Audioasis show on KEXP featuring The Beats, Man and The Gift Machine

the rest can be found HERE

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gold Chain Theory

so Rik Rude is working with Eardrumz the MetroGnome on a project called THE GOLD CHAIN THEORY.

Today you are getting episode 1 of this fabulous project with one of OFS' Freshest members.


but, Rik, get your player card game up!!

New Edition - Cool It Now

Last verse is so hot.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stranger Poster Show

The Pop art of Troy Gua and Cait Willis, and a retrospective of The Stranger's "Poster of the Week" Column. Strangers to many, but they are headlining some really great northwest poster artists this month at Vermillion.
Including some favorites of mine: Aaron Huffman, Seattle Show Posters, Nat Damm, and Tyler Stout(poster shown). I need a silkscreen setup ASAP I have to step my game UP!!


okay so you know theres a BEAT BATTLE . and you know p smoov, but do you know the competition that night? lets learn about some contestants, shall we?? i couldnt really find much out there except for Brainstorm videos, and he's actually not competing anymore. such a shame. and why o why is Sebino not flying up for this event?? this is silly. All bets on P.

Marcus D

Really?? I'm sorry, I couldnt watch it. NOT any of it. Not ANY of it.

Buddy Ross

Who? Just blackled this guy. I like his theme song.

P Smoov

Rumor has it Mikes going to be in seattle after a long stay in Peru, I just hope he returns with a moustache.

this saturday just do it. come show some love for Psmeezy and other Triple Crown Kings.

darwinnnn, darwin-darwinnnn

I have to say this is the sickest thing i've ever seen:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jeffrey Jerusalem - My Heart Is Missing You (rough video cut)

Previously mentioned Jeffrey Jerusalem has a video:


Zizek Urban Beats Club & Darwin / 4.13 Seattle

Watch the hell out, its goin' to get sweaty. More to come in in the next month ;)

Here is a lil' somthin' to hold ya over


Alright, Jordan Strong here. Holding it down in Portland Oregon. Got some shit for you all to peep:

That there is disco electronic power house Jeffrey Jerusalem. He's only played a handful of shows but his following is spreading like wildfire. Seattle needs to know who he is.

If you haven't peeped this mother fucker you don't know what you're missing. Breakfast Mountain is currently producing the hottest beats in portland right now.

Droppin by to let my presence be known. I take photos and go to a lot of shows. I am a photo editor for a production/promotion company called Potlatch Presents. Website hasn't launched yet but you will be hearing about it when it does. I'm gonna be updating with some words and pictures a whole lot.

OFS is family.

Qualified Beat Battle this SAT.


Champagne Champagne///SXSW

If you didnt know already our family ChampagneX2 is headed to SXSW this year. Here's a poster I did for them to help promo their weekend (i'm so pissed we wont be there, say hi to naeem for me will ya?)
also, go to Champagne Champagne for a FREE download of "Soda and Pop Rocks"
yup yup you know it!

The Invasion: Video Game

Austin over at Build Strong does not play on the promo game! so official!

Songs For Eating & Drinking

This Seattle hip hop dinner we did back in January finally made it up on the internet. Chase Jarvis is gangsta. The whole team working with this are far more brilliant than you will ever be. I gotta hit that sound guy up that wants to record our live show, it'd be honor to work with these dudes again.

To see pictures and videos of everyone involved that night. GO HERE

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DJ Neutek - The Warm Up Mixtape

DJ Neutek from the Dirty. Peep his Myspace for more info.

White Fang : SpaceGemz

as soon as i get on this blog the link that erik sent me finally worked. so i must say i am honored to showcase their new video off marriage records as the first offical post. White Fang are the portland homiez