Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Don't Fuck With Me!

Jai Paul is a musician out of the UK. His song "BTSTU" has been embedded into my head since... forever. I've never heard the phrase "Don't Fuck With Me" sound so sweet and a breakdown that's totally sexy. He was signed to XL, but it looks like Chrysalis has picked him up before he could put out a record on XL. We'll see what happens, but either way, I'm looking forward to his album that's supposed to come out in the coming year.

Check out BTSTU. Its ready for the world.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hey Cool Kid


My name is Sharlese. I'm a DJ at KEXP and avid Out For Stardom champion. I'll be posting here every now and then to add a different flavor to this already powerful voice. Over the year, I've been listening to a band called Cloud Nothings. They're out of Cleveland, Ohio and make fuzzy danceable pop gems. The hooks and chorus' get me every time. Do you ever have those time when you're mad and want to stay mad? Well, this record won't help because its pure happiness. Anyway, their video for "Hey Cool Kid" is great! A nerdy kid takes a homeless man and turns him into a superstar robot basketball player.

Their debut LP "Turning On" came out this year on Carpark Records and their self-titled sophomore release is due out on 1/25.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Darwin's Top Ten of 2010


Sooooo these end of the year top ten lists are always such a pain in the ass. With the amount of music that I listen to everyday, its almost impossible to say 'these are my favorite ten of the year'. As I sit here watching football, I took a trip through my Itunes library and grabbed ten of the joints that really hit me this year. And to make the deal a little sweeter, I made them all available for download in a handy .zip file. Now you can rock crowds with some of the freshest of the fresh of 2010!

Grab em' HERE


Girl Unit - Wut (Night Slugs)

In early 2009, Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 started their label Night Slugs; focusing on the new mutant garage revival sound of UK Funky. The label has gone from strength to strengthin the past two years. With big releases in their catalog from Lil Siliva, Jam City, Kingdom & Egyptrixx. Representing all sounds of the burgeoning UK Bass scene. No release was as large or anticipated as 'Wut' by Girl Unit. He’s been a part of the Night Slugs crew since the beginning, playing a mixture of mutant club music, hip-hop and R’n’B in a way that’s gripping and completely on point. 'Wut' is the kind of music that sounds intriguingly alien and instantly, insatiably desirable the second you hear it, yet it still somehow fits perfectly in with the Night Slugs ethos. What might be called “house” music (in terms of Girl Unit, your guess is as good as mine) rarely owes this much to hip-hop, juke, and dubstep, and even going by the Slugs’ track record it’s a stunning feat of chemistry. I had to wait months to finally get my hands on this tune. I still listen to it at least once a day. STANDARD


Dj Nate - Call Me When Your Sober (Planet Mu)

Planet Mu has done it again. After months of buzz brewing and people wondering who the kid was; 20-year old Nathan Clark, better known as DJ Nate (or Yung Baka in Chicago circles) is finally out Youtube and CD-R culture and out in the forefront of electronic mayhem. With the uprising of juke in the past few years via DJs Rashad, Gant-Man and Deeon, Nate goes one left-turning step further. By taking the house aspect and spinning it on its head, the world of DJ Nate’s “Footwork” tracks are off-beaten, individualistically syncopated and chipmunk-pitched and Vader-pitched all in one tune. And to some extent makes me think back to my jungle days, in its vocal cues and drum drops. However, it’s absolutely Nate’s style and no one can take that away; from the RnB and rap samples that are somewhat melodically mutated, to his patented callout. 'Call Me When Your Sober' is the stand out track for me. The emotion & anger this tunes emits is AMAZING.


Samo Sound Boy - Taking It All (Palms Out)

When I first met Sam, he gave me a couple of remixes he had done. 'Brown Paper Bag' and that Devin & The Dude 'Watch My Feet' thing. I must have canned them at every party I played at for the next year. I just knew this cat would keep progressing in his sound and go on to to big things. Fast forward three years and you have the 'Taking It All' EP that dropped a little while back on Palms Out. A massive explosion of House, Bmore Club, Space Reggaeton & Rave. The title track is my favorite; freaking a simple Kelis sample over military bmore styled drums from the year 2078. Simple, huge & crushes a dance. Looking forward to more stuff in 2011.


Frikstailers - Dancehallete (ZZK Records)

Its no surprise that my Cumbia tune of the year comes on no other label than the mighty ZZK Records out of Buenos Aires. I had a chance to hang with El G & half of the group, Lisandro Sona (aka Sandro Lee, aka DJ Sandro de America) this summer as we did a show at Nectar Lounge. Live, Frikstailers dress themselves up in tropical muppet drag. They cap their heads with multicolored wigs and bug-eyed glasses as if to under-emphasize their skillful noodling on keyboards, racks and drum machines. But whether it’s an entertaining distraction or they’re just incredibly fond of blacklight, everything the duo does is psychedelic multicolor madness. Their new EP 'Bicho de Luz' is all outre cumbia circuit-bent through neon dance tunes that interpret the most electric side of South America. 'Dancehallete' is just a hands in the air Cumbia dance party. Big synths, larger than life drums & future space sounds from the jungles of Argentina.


Erick Rincon - Magdalena (white)

With the help of their mentor/manager Toy Selectah, the Monterrey teen sensations; Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto (16, 18 and 18, respectively) have become the superstars of their city's unwieldy, million-BPM tribal guarachero party scene. The music is clubbed out sounds that draw on regional folk songs and post-emo culture, cholo attitude and electro-house to create the distinctly Mexican sounds of the 21st century’s newest music. Even coming from me, a whole hour set of tribal guarachero is pretty intense. But dropping a tune or two in a set at the right time can launch some people into a frenzy. Erick's take on the classic Brazilian song 'Magdalena' by El General Samba has been tune of the year. Taking the original and flipping it into 3Ball bliss.


James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know)

22-year-old James Blake is the acceptable (baby) face of dubstep. He's really tall (he's 6'5" in case you're making notes). That was billed as only one of his selling points, the other being his way with a soulful melody, which is actually pretty spot on. So, while the brilliant recent EP, CMYK, manipulated treated vocal samples from huge R&B hits such as Caught Out There and Try Again into completely different shapes, his forthcoming Klavierwerke EP finds him utilizing his piano playing skills as well as showing off his plaintive vocals. I Only Know (What I Know Now) is all sparse chords, hisses of static and clipped vocal samples that somehow coalesce into a deceptively hypnotic five minutes. I cant wait for his new self titled LP to drop in the new year.


Diplomats - Salute

The Diplomats have now officially reunited, after their bust up which lasted a good couple of years. Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz and Freeky Zeeky are set to drop a new Dipset album next year. This tune is just a monster, produced by wonder kid Araabmuzik. Big rave synths and MPC toughness, the crew just smash this beat. With each passing day, the Dipset reunion seems to slowly become more of a reality. With interviews and songs already released, the next step in the progression was the Harlem squad performing together for the first time in years at the Hammerstein Ballroom this past November. 2011 is going to be a big year for the first family of Harlem. DIPSET


Endgames - Ecstasy (Jam City Refix) (Night Slugs)

If you’ve ever been to a party where the DJ is playing nothing but late 70s/early 80s funk and thought to yourself, hey this is incredible, especially because there are a bunch of old folks dancing their faces off. Night Slugs struck gold again this year with releasing London duo Jam City's rehashing of a tune from random Glasgow funk band Endgames. The psychedelic grime interplorer 'Ecstasy Refix' glows with warmth at its analog core. A grand tribute to the art of the grime refix, the track simultaneously recalls two disparate by-gone eras, to devastating effect. It really has a deep tropical feel to it, just a tune that sticks with you.


Los Rakas - Abrazame (Uproot Andy Remix)

I must have played this and the 2,723,034 other versions of Gyptain's tune 'Hold Yuh' around a million times when it first dropped over the summer. The piano hook on this track is was it and it became the biggest cross over dancehall tune of 2010. All versions hit hard, especially Los Rakas version 'Abrazame'. This tune finds the Oakland-based Panamanian dancehall prodigies wistfully singing and rapping en espaƱol. That was all well and good, but than Brooklyn beatmaker Uproot Andy punches up the beat, nicely layers in some additional synths and percussion, and basically seizes a spot in the "Summer Jams 2010" playlist. Listen and return to summer.


Nguzunguzu - Got U

I got a chance to play with Los Angeles-based Daniel Pineda (a.k.a. DJ Na) and Asma Maroof (a.k.a. DJ Fantasma) or better known to the world as the hard to pronounce dynamic duo called Nguzunguzu and it happened to be one of my favorite sets of the year. Smashing and blending R&B, Cumbia, Kuduro, Tribal, Reggaeton and House elements into a pot of club & headphone bangers. I cant even begin to tell you what genre 'Got U' falls under. Nguzunguzu songs are meant to in trance you in a rhythm and on the drop of a dime, thrust you into something completely unexpected but, so very welcoming and unobtrusive. They gave this away on a free EP thru their Geo Cities style website early this year.

2 New Posters

One for DEV for his new Saturday night at Juju Bar.

One for Freeway & Jake One show at Neumos in January.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Electric Jesus

Merry Christmas!!!! Here is a free download to our new song off of the "4 The Love Compilation". CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mad Rad Album Release Show

Here is a little montage of our CD release party that the ever amazing Stephan Gray has put together. Enjoy!

Macklemore - "My Oh My"

Merry Christmas from Ben. DOWNLOAD HERE

"Dave Niehaus was not only the voice of the Seattle Mariners, he was the voice of my childhood. Some of my most prized memories, growing up as a kid, are accompanied with his voice narrating the moment. He was more than just another radio announcer. His on-air personality was so genuine, that you had a sense of who the man was and what he stood for, by simply listening to him call a game.

I understand that many people might not know Dave Niehaus. A large portion of my fan base either lives outside of the Northwest, are too young to have listened to him, or just not a fan of baseball. I get it. But I believe that as musicians, it’s our responsibility to pay homage to the people that made us who we are. For me, Niehaus was an imperative part of not only my upbringing, but of Seattle’s unique history and culture. From his signature “My oh my” catch phrase, to the heart and passion that exuded from the radio, his presence will be greatly missed in the Northwest. And for those of you outside of the area, hopefully you’ll listen and get a glimpse of not only a Town legend, but one of the greatest announcers to ever have ever called a game."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Speed Of Light

The drums on this are killing me right now. FREE DOWNLOAD

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mad Rad Live on KEXP Videos

The Machine


Love In A Strange World

The Youth Die Young

Host: Cheryl Waters
Engineer: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Stephan Gray, Patrick Richardson Wright, Zachary Young
Edits: Jim Beckmann

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Champagne MTV Interview

Congrats to the fam for this one. STG is so well spoken. I am really looking forward to hitting the road with these 3. Those 8 days alone could be a whole new MTV show.

Douster x Zonora Point Mixtape


Zonora Point & Douster - Puerto de Palos (mixtape vol.5) by douster

Chilean rappers Zonora Point & French producer Douster have teamed up for the Puerto de Palos Mixtape that drops today. The mixtape includes ten original tracks with influences from cueca (latino-american folklore) a touch of dancehall, hip hop, cumbia, reggaeton and futuristic space sounds. Camilizi, Serpiente $yms and Lioz delivers proper street themed lyrics filled with girls, drugs and pornography while Douster's beats runs from classic rap to weird 6/8 industrial lazer music. It's hard to describe what you're listening to, you're in front of a futuristic rap mixtape, dared and dangerous, South American music with a year 3090 swag.

Tracklist :
1 - Intro swaggaeton
2 - Que podria ser
3 - El mejor
4 - Empleado del mes
5 - 3000
6 - La chica mas linda
7 - Dame Yerba (Produced by Matenlo)
8 - Algo pasa en el planeta
9 - 4 Days
10 - El Motin
11 - Fuck Paco


Friday, December 17, 2010

Chancha VIa Circuito's New LP 'RIo Arriba'


The good homie Chancha just dropped his new LP on ZZK. After my third listen today, I can confirm to you that 'Rio Arriba' is one of my favorite releases of the year. A snapshot into the future direction of ZZK Records. Taking on not only the sounds of cumbia, but a wide range of South American styles and injecting their own cosmic twist on the continents traditional sounds.

The first time I met Chancha was at sound check at the Croc. I think we hit it off pretty well because were both space cases to the extreme. Him a bit more being his first time in the States and only speaking a small amount of English. After meeting, djing together & kicking it late night painting drum heads, this record gives you a glimpse into what im talking about.


Chancha Via Circuito - Rio Arriba 2010 by zzkrecords

Rio Arriba is the sophomore album from ZZK artist Chancha Via Circuito who molds local South American rhythms into global artistry. Rio Arriba bubbles up from the Andes like percussive lava, seething as it is soothing. Layers of drums play out like water and earth battling heat - heat brought by Chancha Via Circuito, the Pig on the Circular Train.

Chancha has forged a path from his town outside the urban sprawl of Buenos Aires in the east of Argentina up across the border with Bolivia and into the Northern hemisphere where he's bringing new fans to native drum traditions. In his first release, Rodante, Chancha took cumbia into uncharted territory retrofitting the Latin rhythm for a worldly audience. With Rio Arriba, South American folklore takes the reins and, under Chancha’s steady hand, obscure backwoods rhythms take on a top shelf lifestyle as folklore hits the club.

Cumbia made Chancha’s first album Rodante a stand out, Rio Arriba takes his sound primal, rooted in rhythm, but worldwide in scope. With recent remixes of The Ruby Suns (Sub Pop) and Gotan Project (Ya Basta/XL Recordings), Chancha proves his production can cross continents and pollinate. Rio Arriba annihilates the obvious - it's a fresh breeze from the city of good air flooding the urban habitat, sending you dancing upstream.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


More info HERE

Bellingham's Cedaa Drops New Mix


So my dude Cedaa from Bellingham just dropped this new mix for Neonized a couple weeks ago. Im on my third listin already. The Virgo track 'Home Alone' izzzz nutz. Proper X Mas vibez!

Look out for Mr. Cedaa to be dropping into Seattle at the beginning of February on a mental, mental bill. Will also be his club debut. Watch thiz space..

Cedaa mix for Neonized by Cedaa

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For The Love of Music

Raising money for the Boys & Girls club..

Monday, December 13, 2010


Our homegirl Shaprece dropped two new songs today produced by P Smoov. She has been holding us down for the past year singing on our albums and helping with live shows. It's great to hear her on her own, doing her thang thang. Shaprizzle, Febreze, Preezy plays Neumos on Jan 20th. CLICK HERE to download.

The Bartender

These were some short comic tidbits by Mitch Macgee shown throughout the night during Buffalo's RawStock movie night. And I must say, they crack me up and make me want a real shitty drink.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flying Lotus x Adult Swim

I have heard a bunch of talk of this coming to light. Super fresh. So they paid for an animator to create a video for Flying Lotus for his track "Zodiac Shit" of the album Cosmogramma. I like the cat at the end..

Friday, December 10, 2010

ZZK West Coast Tour Video

Sooooo the ZZK homies Chancha, El G, Tremor & El Remolen were in town this summer playing a show at the Croc & an in studio at KEXP.

Here iz the video for it! Big ups Dj Chilly for reppin'. Yayer

ZZK TV EPISODE 5 - WEST COAST! from ZZK Records on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fresh Espresso X DJ Fresh "Diamond Fight"

I mashed up "Diamond Pistols" by us, and "Fight" by DJ Fresh real late one night.

Darwin played it at our release show, and it smashed so here's a free download for all the DJ homies (download from the Sound Cloud player below).




Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fresh Espresso LIVE @ Sasquatch

Live Nation approached P about putting out the Fresh Espresso set from Sasquatch and we couldn't be more happy to share the audio of the set with you. You remember what Stephan put together, right? Well, now you can hear the whole set in its entirety.


Neumos Photos

Erich Ruff took some great snaps of the Mad Rad CD release show. Check them all out HERE.

The Daylights - I Hope This Gets To You

Apparently, this video and song were made for a girlfriend that moved across the country for college. I think it's a gorgeous video, and it having a sweet side really brings out the softy in me. I definitely think you can catch a Winner's Circle logo here and there.

How To Make A Board

Rekiem Skateboards is the only custom handbuilt skateboards manufacture in France. Rekiem combine environmental preservation & local exchange for a manufacture & distribution of quality, unique in skateboarding field.

Rekiem skateboard how to make a board from jeremy hugues on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mad Rad Live on KEXP

Alex Crick taking shots from our in studio performance at KEXP on Tuesday. To see the rest CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mad Rad on iTunes


Tribe Trailer

This looks juicy!! Needless to say, I am very excited. Thank you, Michael Rapaport.

City Arts Cover

Buffalo is the new cover boy for City Arts Magazine. Read about it HERE.