Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Hump Poster 5

Time to HUMP. Wednesdays are the new new.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Probably pretty close to the same lineup I would choose.

Live at KEXP Vol 7

On this disc you will find one-of-a-kind, exclusive live tracks from some of this year's greatest artists, some well known, others just discovered. All the bands on this compilation have donated their performances to support KEXP. KEXP has shown us so much love over the years and they continue once again with putting Mad Rad's live version of Underwater on there. So good and so much fun to be on the radio. PURCHASE/DOWNLOAD HERE

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jamie XX Radio 1 Essential MIx


This mix floors me every time I listen to it. Jamie XX, creator of the Mercury prize winning group The XX, touches down one BBC 1 for his debut Essential Mix. Breath taking tunes from end to end and Gil Scott-Heron acapellas that dot the entire mix giving it an entrancing, from beyond the grave beauty. Sexy, sad & scary all at the same time. Head down below and stream it NOW. You wont be disappointed.

Jamie xx Essential Mix by Young Turks

Orbital - Belfast
Phanes - Lucky Woman
Ifan Dafydd - No Good
Harvey Mandel - Christo Redentor
Koreless - Lost in Tokyo
Floating Points - Sais
Wiley - Colder (Instrumental)
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Untitled
Pärson Sound - Untitled
DJ Deeon - Fine Hoes
Luke Vibert - Analord
New Look - Janet
John Tejada - Unstable Condition
Univac - Untitled (Track 1)
Aardvarck - Nosestep (Original Mix)
Jean Jacques Smoothie - 2 People
Instra:mental - Pyramid
Grimm Limbo - Fortune Favours the Brave
R A G - Rage (Spaventi &Aroy Raw Mix)
Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face
Jamie xx - Far Nearer (Bootleg)
Axel Boman - Purple Drank
Loosse - About You (feat. Yolanda)
Anette Party - Moreno (feat. Anita Coke)
Gino Soccio - Dancer
Mr Beatnick - Synthetes
Funke, Sacha vs Nina Kraviz - Moses (Stimming Remix)
Jamie xx &Gil Scott Heron - I'll Take Care of U (Special DJ Version)
Genius of Time - Houston We Have a Problem
Austin Eterno/The xx - I Remember Shelter
James Blake - Libra (Edit)
Pangaea - Bear Witness
Holly Miranda - Slow Burn Treason
Peter Horrevorts - Siren
Chuck Roberts - My House (Acappella)
Virgo Four - Do You Know Who You Are?
Morning Factory - Diane's Love
Karen Pollack - You Can't Touch Me (Roc &Kato Vocal Beat Trip Mix)
War - The World Is A Ghetto (Special Disco Mix)
Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Mix)
Radiohead - Bloom (Jamie xx Rework)


Fuuuuck. Looks like I have to start drinking more Lipton Tea, apparently it makes your trip balls into dimensions and cartoons and religions. This animation is absolutely gorgeous!

Lipton feat.Outlines - Découvrez jusqu'où le thé peut vous emmener from DDB Paris on Vimeo.

White Fang - Positive Feedback

White Fang is back with their 4th album "Positive Feedback" out on Gnar Tapes. You can name your price on the download, so do that and rock out with your cock out. DOWNLOAD HERE

Friday, August 26, 2011


Moombahton, Drag, Witch House = Brujaton

The latest experiment on Moombahton. Chi Town's STLKRFXXX aka Starfoxxx took some heavy drag witch house sounds and took it to 108bpm and had it ride some Reggaeton and moombah beats. Mixed in the distorted semi lo fidelity of Witch House as well. A lot of dark droning vocals. Only listen if you are mentally stable. This shit makes me look over my shoulders constantly when I got my headphones on. What gives it an even creeper vibe, is that its inspired by a girl STLKRFXXX (hence the new aka) was stalking last summer. GWAN. Download the whole EP below.

KAROLINA EP by starfoxxxchicago

KEXP Music That Matters Podcast #267: "Sharlese's Hits"

1. Part-Time - "I Wanna Take You Out"
2. Jens Lekman - "An Argument With Myself"
3. FRIENDS - "Friend Crush"
4. Katie Kate - "Totebag"
5. Blouse - "Firestarter"
6. DON'T TALK TO THE COPS! - "Girls Buy Me Drinks"
7. Great Spiders - "Get Out of Love"
8. Mode Moderne - "Real Goths"

Free MP3 and Streaming: HERE

Free Download from iTunes: HERE

Music That Matters Podcast Feed: HERE


The Emerald City Sequence


The Wiz is the black version of the wizard of oz. It starred Michael Jackson, Richard Pryor, Diana Ross, and a bunch of other cats. I (OCnotes) re-edited the movie and then remixed the entire soundtrack and put it to my re-edited version of the movie. On August 31st we will be showing the movie at Nectar Lounge on a big screen. Its gonna go so hard. Ill be playing live alongside the soundtrack, its gonna be unforgettable.

As if that wasnt enough...Chocolate Chuck is playin cuts all night and Metal Chocolates is going to perform.

Its also Mr. POMZ birthday and he's putting this whole thing together. Thank you POMZ.

Plus BBQ and a party bus that heads from Cap Hill to Nectar and back. HIt Pomz or OC up for tickets. Only 10 Bucks. Zing!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Javier Estrada 'Ritmos Del Mundo' Vol 5 Part 1


Been waiting on this one for a minute. Everyone one its predecessors have been pure fire and this is no different. The Monterrey, Nuevo Leon wonder kid, Javier Estrada is a machine when it comes to cranking out tribal Aztecan rave bangers. Part 1 is packed with new original material from the don, plus remixes by the likes of Sabbo, Matanza, Boyfriend and more. Grab the whole thing below and stay tuned for Part 2 featuring another gang of remixes from around the world.

Javier Estrada 'Ritmos Del Mundo' Part 1 (Mediafire)

Nouns of Assemblage

NOUNS OF ASSEMBLAGE collects 60+ stories from the best authors in the small press community, all of the pieces inspired by different nouns of assemblage from the animal kingdom (i.e. a skulk of foxes, a murder of crow, et cetera). Stories include AN AMBUSH OF TIGERS by Kevin Sampsell, A BUSINESS OF FLIES by xTx, A PLAGUE OF LOCUSTS by Frank Hinton, A BUILDING OF ROOK by Matthew Simmons, A SPAN OF MULE by Andrew Borgstrom, A TOWER OF GIRAFFE by Peter Schwartz, A HIVE OF BEES by DJ Berndt, and over fifty other stories including one by your very own Nathan Quiroga.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Hump Poster 4


ocnotes - The New Generation

OCnotes is back with another album that he finished up last night. "This album is a collection of some of my favorite songs that I've written on my acoustic guitar. They were written between 2005-2011."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Milhouse Van Houten



Norrit 'Only Me and U' EP


The 30th release from blog / label Palms Out Sundays, comes in the shape of an EP from the dude Norrit, outta of Kansas City. It dropped a couple weeks ago and cant figure out how I have overlooked for this long. The vibe is cooled out and atmospheric for the 'Only Me and U' EP, blending deep house, up to date bass and for a couple of the tracks, working in Monterrey born Tribal with space cloud phaser synths. Grab the title track 'Only Me and U' down below for a taste of the EP.

Norrit - Only Me and U (Mediafire)

POS030 - NORRIT - ONLY ME AND U by Palms Out Sounds

Monday, August 22, 2011

Samo Sound Boy 'Shuffle Code' Video

Samo Sound Boy - Shuffle Code from Trouble & Bass on Vimeo.

Official music video for Samo Sound Boy's "Shuffle Code"! Samo Sound Boy is the only west coast US based producer signed to Trouble & Bass is Samo Sound Boy who calls his home Los Angeles. Coming back with his 2nd release for T&B after his successful Heavy Bass Champions of the World Vol. VIII release, Samo has really taken his song writing, production and mixing skills to the next level with this Shuffle Code EP, containing two new fresh tracks. With the help of Japanese music video game design freak Mykola Dosenko, Samo wrote the whole premise and script of an escape from LA that has our main character scouring the city trying to find the Shuffle Code.

LOL Boys - Bubbles

Where Latin America went up north to meet the duo, Jerome Potter from Los Angeles and Markus Garcia in Montreal. Together they are bringing Cocobass material that changes everything they have done so far. An amalgam of influences from Chicago’s Dance Mania House to Airport Trance to Netherlands Bubblin’ to Calypso. They are channeling up all the styles of tropical music to bring something completely unique and entirely dance floor ready. This release is also inspired by Jerome’s pet named Bubbles who is 17years old and is blind. :(

So grab your scuba gear, have some dog food and dive into the 36 minute, 9 song “Bubbles” EP. Free DL at ------------> COCOBASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Preview dem below

CBR014 LOL Boys - Bubbles by cocobassrecs

The Midnight Eez

So long story short, in 1995/96 a production duo dropped off a beat tape to All City Records with the name "The Midnight Eez" and a pager number on it. The tape got lost, and then found some 15 years later, and is now out on proper vinyl release. The duo is still yet unknown. The beats on it are golden 90s era gorgeousness and have been playing in my head all summer.

The Midnight Eez - Childhood Memories (ACTMELPx1) by allcitydublin

I found a link for download too HERE.

Keep On Walking

I'm pretty close to naming every frame. I'd say 83%.

Stanley Chow

Okay okay okay okay.. this guy is the best. I fucking hate how good he is. I hope to get some of my illustrations up to par with what he does. His depth, line work, and keen sense of style really let his work stand out from the rest. Go buy a print or just see all of his work HERE.

Aloe Blacc - Green Lights

New video by Aloe Blacc which is pretty much a gorgeous stroll through Paris without a care at all.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


The Weeknd is back with another free mixtape for you. It's more of the same chilled out r & b vibes that you have grown to love. DOWNLOAD HERE

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Unwanted Visitor

The Stranger published this nice little piece by Buffalo about an interaction with his father when he was visiting Seattle. CLICK HERE to read it.

Humping Around

Today at Moe Bar everybody is Humpin around.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clouds Over The Pacific

James Pants' new video. This is some trippy shit, but I was waiting for a good hard drum beat to eventually hit and it never did. Regardless I love me some James Pants and so far he can do no wrong.

via LineOut

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vodyanoi: Ghost Note

Vodyanoi: Ghost Note by Cookie Snake

Sample of an upcoming EP from Keith Negley (Sleepy Eyes of Death) and Trent Moorman (Mad Rad/Fresh Espresso/Metal Chocolates.) Synths/Sequencing: Keith. Drums: Trent.

The sorted portal sprouts edifice cakes of eyes. Femurs perch, parched for movement. Wires web out and run. Corpuscle wattage. Heron machine. Electricity is the city’s dreaming.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kingdom's 'Fade To Mind' MIx


NYC's Kingdom has ventured off on his own to create his new label 'Fade To Mind'. Sister label of Bok Bok's mighty Night Slugs imprint out of the UK. A little while back I posted about the first release 'Times Up' by L.A.'s darling couple Nguzunguzu. This is what Kingdom had to say about this mix.

"This mix marks the inauguration of my new label Fade to Mind, and its first release, Nguzunguzu's Timesup EP. It contains songs from that EP as well as my upcoming single for Fool's Gold, "Take Me" featuring Naomi Allen of Electrik Red, among other exclusive tracks and edits from the Fade To Mind universe".

Singular subwoofer visions, sideways club trax, and darksided R&B dubs. Download and get involved.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ghostface Killa's 'Watch The Throne' Review



1. No Church in the Wild (ft. Frank Ocean) – Thought the beat was kinda average at first to be honest wit yall. But the shit been growin on me. The fact that Jay brought back one of his most boring flows…the same one he used on Pray off American Gangster…didnt help nothin tho. Yeezy drops his least EMPHASIZED bars in a minute n gets the green light from Jiggaman to bring autotune back. I dont kno what hour in the day this shit was recorded but it sounds like some 5 AM shit. In the end tho… both them niggas got the job done n start shit off on the rite foot nahmean. The victim of Breezy’s high pitched goon squad attack did his thing too.

2. Lift Off (ft. Beyonce) – I almost aint wanna even comment on this shit son…. I dont even kno what to say bout it yo. This shit sounds like the anthem the fairies in Ferngully would use to go to war against evil humans to or some shit b. This shit is like Shia LeBeouf in song form yo. Lissenin to this shit is like havin ya ears penetrated by a million microscopic dicks namsayin. Shit sounds like niggas doin aerobics on a magical cloud of daisies. How many meadows did Kanye cartwheel across before he decided to make this beat? Seriously yo…. Jus how many lily pads did the nigga skip across the pond on before he got inspired to make some shit like this? Definitely one a the worst songs Jay ever been involved in…thats includin those lame joints off Vol 3 wit Amil n Mariah or the worst songs off Kingdom Come….EVEN the Timbo joints off Blueprint 3. Like this joint is SOFT son. Guess thats why Jay only spit like 5 n a half bars on it. Its like the song Yung Berg would play before he goes n commits his latest string of L’s. Shit is jus terrible son…especially since it took like 6 niggas to produce this muthafucka.

3. Niggas in Paris – If you can ignore the homoerotic title the shit actually aint bad son. I prefer it once the beat changes up tho. It starts off soundin like some shit them Young Money niggas mighta left behind in the studio one day. Like I swear I can hear Gudda Gudda gettin his mediocre on in the background for the first 2:43 minutes. But then shit gets dramatic n its all good yo. it aint really the monster track niggas made that shit out to be tho.

4. Otis (ft. Otis Redding) – First off they need to not be actin like Otis Redding is a “featured” artist on this shit. Since when do niggas sample a dude n then call that shit a feature. Son aint even been alive for like 40 years b. Otis Redding is my dude tho…so dont get that shit twisted son. That bein said…this shit still goes nahmean. Folks been divided on this joint for a minute…but that aint stop the dozen hasbeen ass niggas who hopped on this shit from strugglin the fuck out on it (Im lookin at you DMX).

5. Gotta Have It – This shit probably the least Neptunes soundin beat the Neptunes ever produced yo. Not sayin thats a bad thing tho. Im glad they aint bring no bongos or space sounds to this shit g. Niggas is jus tradin bars on some back n forth shit n basically talkin bout the usual shit they do. Kinda jus a filler joint nahmean. It probably wont be the next single or nothin…but its still a ill joint namsayin. This shit also got The Godfather of Soul’s voice all over it…but they aint put “featuring James Brown” on the tracklist for some reason. Guess they missed that one.

6. New Day – “Me n the RZA connect”….thats a nice little quasi-hook rite ther namsayin. Sorry yo…this aint the 36 Chambers RZA…but it aint the “fuckin ridicalish” aint had a meal in a hot minute soundin RZA neither yo. It basically dont sound like a RZA joint at all son. He aint bring out the pointy ass rings n get on his BONG BONG shit or nothin but the god did his thing namsayin. Shit has Kanyes fingerprints all over it still tho.

7. Thats My Bitch – I aint the biggest fan a this shit rite here yo. It aint horrible or nothin but I remember when this shit was unleashed at the end a last year n it still aint grow on me like that. Its got all that retro hip hop shit happenin on it but I aint feelin the end results like that. Not sayin its wack….but I be skippin this joint usually.

8. Welcome To The Jungle – If Jay gon insist on usin this niggas bullshit ass beats still…the least he can do is make sure that Swizzy dont go near the booth yo. Ayo Snoop Budden…nobody gon need to hear you gettin ya “One hand in the air if you dont really care” on durin the hooks to no joints ever ever ever again son. Jus go back to contaminatin whats left of Alicia Keys n stop cashin in those favors niggas owe you to get on these high profile joints you malnourished ass lookin muthafucka. Son been urinatin wackness on these songs for years now b…. so can we jus acknowledge that the nigga got no business actin like he kno how to put together a hook now n stop lettin this whippet lookin muthafucka get near a mic?

9. Who Gon Stop Me – Now THIS shit is a problem yo. When it started the god was like ok cool….you kno…I was enjoyin it….the bassline was soundin like a lion growlin n shit. There wasa ill mood to it. Im diggin the joint namsayin….but then it starts really transformin into a monster after a couple minutes….n its like yo…we got a serious contender for best song on the album now. By the middle it sounds like niggas is drivin Lamborghinis around in the studio n drums is hittin like automatic weapons. I love this track son.

10. Murder to Excellence – Another ill joint. Not a lot I can say bout it tho son. If you heard it you kno its jus a solid track namsayin. Like a lotta these songs its got a change up in the beat halfway through. If I had to guess Id say its probably Wyclef’s favorite song on the album tho.

11. Made In America (ft. Frank Ocean) – First of all son….Lionel Richie called from 1986 n said he wants his song back yo. Word. Sade jus holla’d on twitter to say this shit is soft as fuck namsayin. I think Elton John wants to conceive babies to this joint b. Drake said he gon soak in his lotion pool to this shit rite here for like a week son. I think Wiz Khagina is scissorin wit Amber Rose to this shit rite now as we speak yo. I heard this shit gon be used for the next Gwyneth Paltrow movie too. I dont kno how the same nigga that did Who Gon Stop Me had anything to do wit this shit but apparently he did nahmean. This shit sounds like two niggas hang glidin over the ocean together at sunset holdin hands son. I think this is bout to be on Yung Berg’s yoga playlist. I cant fuck wit this shit at all b. This shit is like audio lesbian comin out my speakers son.

12.Why I Love You (ft. Mr Hudson) – Its almost like they knew they couldnt end the album on that Made In America shit. Contrary to the title n the fact that it says “featuring Mr Hudson” on this muthafucka….this shit goes hard yo. Mr Hudson does his thing too son. I fucks wit this joint forreal forreal. Might even be my favorite tomorrow.

Bonus tracks:

13. Illest Motherfucker Alive – Ok now…when you call a song “Illest Motherfucker Alive” you really gotta live up to that shit son. This shit kinda almost lives up to the name of the song…but it aint that special yo. But Im not mad at it. Actually if Made in America n Lift Off made the album I dont kno why this shit is jus a bonus track namsayin. I think Breezy’s cousins are singin at the end a the song tho.

14 H.A.M. – This joint is still ass. Id rather listen to a whole Tyga mixtape son.

15. Primetime – This shit cool namsayin. Aint like my favorite song on earth or nothin….but No I.D. aint go n “Timbaland” these niggas wit no bullshit ass beat at least. Son always comes through wit sumthin decent or better. This shit better than decent tho nahmean.

16. The Joy (ft. Curtis Mayfield) – This shit shoulda been a official track on the album b. I dont care how old it is now…I still love this joint. I guess they aint wanna give they fans all this old shit…which is cool namsayin. But…AGAIN yo… if Lift Off gon be on the album anyway…you might as well jus swap that wit some old shit that AINT softer than Game’s emotions b. N they put Thats My Bitch on the album anyway so maybe there aint no real excuse for makin this shit a bonus joint. But why these niggas got “featuring Curtis Mayfield” on this shit? I think Jay n Ye better cut that shit out before it becomes a trend for these lame muthafuckas to start havin “featuring (insert dead artist here)” on they joints too b.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Metal Chocolates "Car Chase"

Metal Chocolates new video. More info HERE via StarStatic.

Metal Chocolates - "Car Chase" from StarStatic on Vimeo.

Nic Cage vs Schwarzenegger

For some reason I have got caught up in YouTube this morning, when I should be fucking working. But instead you tell me which you like better. The homage/montage to Nicholas Cage and his Evolution of Hair or Every Scream Ever from Schwarzenegger. I cannot decide which I love more. Right now, I'm with Cage.

Slow Dance

I totally forgot to blog "Melter" by Slow Dance a few months ago, mainly cause I was too busy bumping to it. But now Rudy and Murder Dice are back with a new video for "Vampire" These guys are doing some beautiful things right now. I've liked them live, I like the recordings, and these videos are the shit! DOWNLOAD HERE


Seriously though, if I could afford to cut a Maybach in half and throw some sheet metal on it I would. Shit, if I could afford to cut my lady's Corolla in half I would. These guys definitely didn't put out an album of what I expected. This is probably the one good thing about the whole album. You have to admit it's fun being rich. It is SOO MUCH FUN.

Fourthcity "Satisfaction"

Brand new collaboration from Fourthcity artists, WD4D & Suttikeeree featuring Introcut. "Satisfaction" is the result of 3 deejay/producers wanting to make music for the dance floor. Nothing more, nothing less. Solid beats, bass, & synth work combined with a catchy vocal sample, make this a sure-shot pick for the club, house-party, or wherever the sun is shining, really!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Hump Poster 3


Its Wednesday again. Me & Swerve on the decks all night, Radjaw & Blair slinging dranks. Free all night. Lets Hump.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Champagne/Starfucker 7"

After touring together during the 2011 Reptilians tour, STRFKR and Champagne Champagne wanted to commemorate their time on the road together with a split 7".

The A-side features STRFKR's "Dragon Queens" which became a crowd favorite during the band's Spring 2011 tour in support of their last album, Reptilians. A different version of "Dragon Queens" will be featured on the upcoming STRFKR full-length, slated for release in early 2012

The B-side is the Champagne Champagne original "I Fell Through." Champagne Champagne features two MCs along with their producer Mark Gajadhar (of Blood Brothers, Past Lives). Champagne Champagne is also currently working on a new full-length.

Both songs are exclusive to the 7”.

PRE ORDER YOURS TODAY Release Date: Oct 11, 2011

SOL - "This Shit" (Official Music Video)

This is a vid I shot a couple months ago with my brutha Billy Summers and his beautiful Super 8 Nizo 801. We went with ASA 50 on Kodak's Vision2 stock that was perfed, slit and loaded by Pro 8mm down in LA. Not to mention they also did the process and transfer for me as well.

When Sol came to me with the track, the concept was already there in my head, so the two just seemed to fit. We knocked it out in a couple hours with only 9 rolls. Beat that. Indie music video making is hard enough with digital, to throw film in the mix is just fucking stupid. Hella fun though and there was no way I wasn't gonna do it. We planned a little extra and hit the thrift shops hard. Here's the result.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Vodyanoi (mp3)

Vodyanoi by Cookie Snake

Guitar: Gabriel. Bass: Stanfield. Drums: Trent. From The Well Studio.

Vodyanoi – Mechanical Iguana Years. A mute vehicle leans velocity. Condor circles deciphered. Vodyanoi now has ears. Ingestion connects upon you.

On the 17th story, a perch emerges above the girders. A place that wasn’t meant to be. A place where nothing goes that doesn’t crawl or fly. Stairs to, filed down by leaf rot, claws, and gnawing jaws. From the ledge the wet city reveals itself in cement skin. Halogen clouds brush and shove from your feet, moving to voices below. You sit, severed, surveying. Tonight you see electromagnetically. You can see heat. Scores of human forms, reddish orange. Animals, ovens. Furnaces and engines. Higher heat glows white. Hearts a yellow. You see outlines scampering themselves to sleep in digital dens. You hear wolves howling hollow in the hills. There are others out there that long.

Thig Natural @ Pinky's UP

One of the freshest brothers on the block, Thig Natural aka The Brooks Brother will be playing his favorite jams this week for Pinky's Up. With the release of The Physics new record, come have a drink with him and I as we celebrate being awesome. Summer is getting close to being over, ugh I know!, and we must soak up the sun as much as possible. I for one am drinking a few mojitos and playing some slow jams this week. Well, that and maybe some rap music. No, better yet I will just play Katie Kate's entire new record on loop. Perfect!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Astronomar 'Moombahtony Toni Tone'

Mar just sent over this lil' ditty. How can you not like a Tony Toni Tone flip? Will for sure be nailing this one at ze clubz.

Moombahtony Toni Tone by astronomar

Saved By The Bell - The Game

Some of you may or may not know, but I am the best at Saved By The Bell trivia. A master, if you will. If you can think of it I pretty much have an answer for it. Except... College Years & Miss Bliss years do not count! This online game is a nice celebration of that little TV show that came on every Saturday morning and continued throughout the week on TBS at 5:05 and 5:35.

Speaking of TBS, why the fuck did they have to start all their programming 5 minutes after everyone? Fucking posers.

Lets get creative

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared from This Is It on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nightmare Fortress Poster

A part of Octopus Fest. More details to come on that later in the week.

New WC

I WANT ONE OF THESE. SO FIRE. The coaches jackets can now be purchased in store or online HERE

RIP Hightower

Rest In Power to the late, great Bubba Smith. Great NFL defensive end and hilarious tall guy actor, most known for Police Academy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Toro Y Moi - How I Know

Off of one of my favorite albums of the year, Toro Y Moi is back with another beautiful video. This one a little more comical and very Scooby Doo.

Linda's Fest

For the second year in a row, Linda’s Fest will be rocking your socks off, for free, on Saturday August 20th in the Linda’s Back Lot. The show starts at 6pm and will end around 10pm. They have commissioned me to make the poster and tee shirt for the night. Playing off of the "Linda" moniker and after seeing the band that are playing, I thought this was appropriate.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Hump Poster 2

Every Wednesday at Moe Bar. Let's HUMP.