Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 is looming... Chop Suey tonight.

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Weeknd - Echoes Of Silence

The Weeknd has dropped his third mixtape of the year bringing some of that big booming R&B crooning you've come to love. I swear on some of these songs he sounds like the second coming of MJ. DOWNLOAD HERE


Belgian photographer and designer Jean-Francois De Witte featured objects that can be found in the kitchen such as dishes, forks, spoons and cups in his latest series of conceptual photographs. These objects are transformed into animals, flowers or people. His photographs spark imagination that can easily put a smile on your face.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

DTTTC! Stranger Cover

Nice work guys! You are well aware that Team Cover is playing New Year's Eve, right?! Well get on that! Also, nice write up by The Stranger staff talking about their favorite music of 2011. DTTTC! and Katie Kate are mentioned in the article.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DJ Swervewon: Hump Vol 6

Sixth installment in Swervey's ongoing mixtape series. Something to keep your work week going and your booty shaking. Come see us tonight at MOE BAR.


Untold “Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix)”
Chris Brown “Look At Me Now (Shorthand Refix)”
La Roux “In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix)”
David Banner ft. 2 Chainz & A$AP Rocky “Yao Ming”
Drake ft. The Weeknd “Crew Love (DJ El Grande Remix)”
Bei Maejor ft. J. Cole, T-Pain, Trey Songz & Wale “Trouble (Remix)”
Big K.R.I.T. “Moon & Stars (Clams Casino Remix)”
Hi-Life Soundsystem ft. Thadwick Tristen Trevor III “Turn It Up”
Slum Village “Raise It Up (Doc Adam Moombahton Remix)”
Skrillex ft. Sirah “Bangarang”
Tyga “Rack City (Grandtheft Bootleg)”
J. Cole “Mr. Nice Watch (DJ eSenTRiK Remix)”
Kenton Dunson ft. Passion Pit “Top of the World”
Clouds “Articles (Ado Remix)”
Arty “Around The World (Tocadisco Remix)”
Mord Fustang “We Are Now Connected (Original Mix)”
R3hab & Swanky Tunes “Sending My Love (Cazzette’s Already Super Human Remix)”
Kaskade “Turn It Down (Deniz Koyu Remix)”
Steve Aoki ft. [[[zuper blahq]]] “In The House (R3hab Remix)”
Bird Peterson “79″
Chuckie “Who Is Ready To Jump (Dada Life Remix)”
Crookers “Hummus (Astronomar Remix)”

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GLAMOUR - The Lost POB Remixes

A new yet old dosage of beats and caffeine from The Prince of Ballard. This time the lost remixes of Fresh Espresso's Glamour which really throw it back on some old timey shit. I love these versions. From POB:

"Lemme drop the backstory first....... Back in feb. 2010, fresh espresso released their entire glamour album in accapellas and your boy jumped all over the opportunity with the intensions of making the perfect remix album for the upcoming summer. i started throwing their verses over old beats i already had and simple soul loops only to have my computer crash weeks into it. thats where the story and project ended.......untiiiillllllllllll NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, this is the "un-mixed, un-mastered, and un-finished rough draft project I started and forgot about." and i think its a good listen so here it is almost 2 years later in its original form for ya'll to enjoy."


Monday, December 26, 2011

The Good Sin

Two new videos in the past month by the big homie Sin off the project with 10.4 Rog. Real chill laid back and perfect for just lounging. I'm glad to see some visuals for these hard working men. Take a nap, Sin!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Rap

If you haven't seen the ever classic Beat Street, you need to. Treacherous Three and Doug E. Fresh. Jin-gle, jan-gle!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Astronomar - Back To The Beat

The homie Astronomar is doing some mighty big big things over there with Mad Decent & Jeffree's. Congrats, Mar!

Astronomar - Back To The Beat by Mad Decent

"Astronomar's simple but effective productions are bringing fun back to our dance scene. A formula that has seemed to been lost in the late 00's til present day when huge "in your face" synth's became common place. Back to the Beat caught our ear a while back when it was dropped by the LOL boys at one of the now infamous Well parties in DTLA. Swordfight is a new track with an addictive ascending synth drop and space sword fighting sounds and weird bells to fill out the rest. With a great tune "Got To Move On" on Discobelle already and a new release from Top Billin in the near future plus more, we're very glad to add Astronomar to our family."

*Bonus Christmas Remix*

Astronomar - Back To The Beat (Xmas Version) by astronomar


Last minute shopping? Go over to Winner's Circle and buy some clothes. Support local

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Complex Magazines Top 25 Artists of 2011

Complex magazine put together a list of the top 25 most important artists of 2011. Names such as Revok, Patrick Martinez and Retna are on this list. Plus many more.

Also on the list, Mr. Steve Powers (ESPO). Remember this Vice video?

Ron English is also on the list.

If you aren't familiar with Ron English's work, get familiar, this guy does some of the coolest and most detailed pieces I have ever seen. I have been wanting to dedicate an entire post to Ron's work for a while now, it'll have to wait.

For now check out Milk Made

And the rest of Ron English's work here

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Xmas Eve @ Moe Bar

I will be serving up some of the finest holiday drinks including the world famous, one of a kind Greg Nog. OCnotes will be providing the music for the evening. We will be showing Christmas movies. He will be showing Emerald City Sequence. We will all be kicking it, drinking and being marry. Santa will probably stop by and there might just be all types of holiday miracles! Let's party, Scrooges!

Mr. Onions: B & O Espresso

Sometimes you go to a restaurant for the food and other times you go to a place for the atmosphere. When one of your friends is working you most likely will stop in, have a drink, and say hello. Then there are places so conveniently close to you, you must go to them. Sometimes you don't want to grocery shop, or walk 20 blocks, or hop on a bus for 40 minutes to hit some of your favorite watering holes. You go there because of location. It's right next door. People are inside everyday seemingly enjoying themselves so it must be good. Right?

I have lived near B & O for almost 2 years and I cannot remember one time where I have actually enjoyed anything. I keep trying. I keep wanting something good to come out of this dimly lit shit hole. They continually let me down. The coffee tastes like burnt tar. The quiche lays there like a lifeless, soaking wet corpse. The service has usually been from the slowest humans on the planet. Every time I enter, a group of chubby mustached men greet me with a sweat drenching hello. Why are there three to four of you? Why are all of you sweating so profusely? What am I getting myself into?!

My lady and I were heading back home after a nice evening of drinking and partying with DTTTC at Winner's Circle. It was an early 10pm. We were just hitting our groove. Our buzz was perfect. We reached the moment of the night that no matter what we did, it would be a grand ol' time. Both of us were easy to please with big smiles on our faces. I didn't want to stand on the corner of Belmont & Olive for 25 minutes trying to figure out where to go. I wanted a hot meal that I didn't have to prepare. We decided that this was their absolute last chance. If they ruined this moment then I would continually walk by this place forever.

After a solid 20 minutes of waiting for our appetizer, our Stuffed Dates had arrived. We each took one bite of these pancetta wrapped, blue cheese filled bird droppings and immediately wanted to gag. This had to be one of the grossest things I've eaten in a while. It tasted like one of the old dried up raisins that gets stuck to the bottom of the box. It was dry. It was chewy. It was Charleston Chew chewy. I reluctantly washed down another one with a big gulp of ice water. This place had immediately sucked all the positivity and fun right out of me.

Another 20 minutes later our entrees finally arrived. I ordered the Grilled Flank Steak. Medium rare. I felt like it was the easiest item on the menu to not fuck up. It was served with a helping of mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. Meat, potato, vegetable. These three items together have been my staple for the past 10 years. Of course, somehow this place has ruined a simple meal for me as well. The spinach was soupy and lacked any apparent flavor. The potatoes were delicious but served cold. Ice water cold. Like, I am about to pick it up and make a potato snow ball and throw it across the room cold. My flank steak was prepared to a nice overcooked temperature of well done. It was covered in erratic splashes of port wine. I didn't bite the steak. I didn't want to. I had had enough and sent it back. I never send anything back! The server knew it was wrong. It was like he expected it to be wrong and apologized before I complained. He was genuinely bummed when stating how inconsistent the cooks were.

I told the waiter I'd just pick on my lady's plate for the remainder of the meal. She got the Arabesque. A bowtie pasta with salmon tossed in a lemon, garlic, and caper dill cream sauce. Upon first bite I longed for my meal that I had so recently returned. This was tasteless mushroom soup. I piled on the salt. I loaded up on pepper. It was fishy yet gamey. It was mushy and chewy. It was hot baby food for adults. No real salmon, just the the lips, eyes, and assholes of the fish. It was chum the sharks wouldn't eat. My taste buds were climbing out of my mouth fully enraged. They hopped onto my face to smack me around for making the bad decision of taking another bite. They thought I was playing a cruel joke on them and haven't trusted me since.

The server returned and offered up dessert, the one thing this place actually does right. As much as my lady enjoys the Red Velvet Cake here, we decided against it and just had to get out. I do appreciate the server, I will tell you that much. After all we've already been through, he did his job and still tried to sell us on more. He knew how terrible everything was and wanted to get us something that we might enjoy. I'm glad that the staff knows what they are selling their customers, and I'm glad he did all he could to appease us. My sister-in-law worked here many years ago and I remember that not only was the service great, but the food was equally delicious. Some things do change and not always for the better.

When we stepped outside, I couldn't help but comment on the "Notice of Proposed Land Use Action" that had been up on the side of the building for well over the past year. Apparently, B & O will be closing at the end of the 2011 for what will be a new housing project. I haven't been a huge supporter in all the pop up condominiums that have been gentrifying my Seattle neighborhood. This is the only time I say hurry up and tear this place down. Shut it down TODAY. It is long overdue! Put up condos! Please!! Build me a Wal-Mart! Anything! Throw in a Tully's or Seattle's Best Coffee on the bottom floor and make parking on my street even more unbearable. Bring on the yuppy fucks that I will soon call my neighbors. Anything is better than this glorified soup kitchen on my busy street corner. Bring on the cranes! Build it now! Within a year, I hope not to be tripping over the blood filled syringe a few steps away from my apartment. Someone must have eaten here and tried to kill themselves. I was close.

Mr. Onions Rating (on a 1-10 scale)
Food: 0 Service: 6 Atmosphere: 3
Overall: 3

OCnotes - Emerald City Sequence

If you haven't been paying attention since July, the beat maestro himself, OCnotes has reworked "The Wiz" visually and musically. Even after all the uploading drama of copyright issues you can finally take a look and listen online. If you haven't watched this or listened in, sit back, relax, and enjoy. I think the idea behind this project is original, innovative, and fresh. Great fucking work. CLICK HERE to watch.

Macklemore Tour

Welcome home, Mack. Looks like the tour was way amazing. Next time, put me in your band and I promise to VOTE for you for XXL magazine.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

1000th Post

Thanks for reading the OFS blog for the past three years. We promise to continually showcase everything that we love and create. Thanks to everyone that reads the blog regularly, contributes to it, and shares it with others. Keep coming back for another thousand.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Buff writes a beautiful piece and cover story for The Stranger about an instance that happened not too long ago. CLICK HERE to read. Great work, Nathan.

Hump Mix #4

Swervewon is back with another weekly installment of his HUMP MIX. Click here to download.

The Roots - Undun

The Roots 'Undun' Short Film

The Roots - UNDUN from The Ghettonerd Company, LLC on Vimeo.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cedaa x Ill Cosby x Tony Goods at The Living Room


Head over to the Living Room tonight for Car Crash Set label owner and NW bass music guru Ill Cosby's monthly night, Street Halo. Our favorite dude from up north, Cedaa will be stopping in to play some tunes. Warming up, a mysterious new Seattle producer named Tony Goods. Free all night. Ill see y'all there.

Dub Phizix & Skeptical feat Strategy - Marka


Shout out to Cedaa for putting me on to this track. Its been on full repeat the past couple days. Dub Phizix and Skeptical's brand new track Marka is set to hit the streets on December 19 and if the demand for test presses is an anything to go by, then this could be one of this years biggest drum & bass releases. It took just 11 minutes for every white label copy to be snapped up when they went on sale earlier this week as the track which features the brilliant vocals of Broke-N-English’s Strategy flew off the digital shelves.

Released on dBridge’s Exit Records, Marka showcases tribal beats coupled with jaw-clattering sub-bass levels and vocals like you've never heard before. It's a sound that can't be pigeon-holed into a particular genre other than being damn good. BAD TUNE

Friday, December 9, 2011

Winner Circle's Holiday Drop





More stuff over at HERE at the Winner Circle site

Thursday, December 8, 2011

3BallMTY 'Intentalo' LP


3ballMTY - Ritmo Alterado by LATINPOWERMUSIC

The 3Ball supergroup of Monterrey, MX consisting of Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto now proudly release their debut album “Intentalo” through Penca Music / Latin Power Music. Leaving their sample heavy remix formats, 3BallMTY now aim at the charts and radio with a whole set of vocal features. Listen to a snippet mix of the album here on Youtube:

Showcase Thursday


Check out Rime's site for more madness


Check out Revok's blog for daily treats

These guys are always so proper.


Paul Devro Mixtape For Mixpak Records


Mad Decent A&R and global bass guru Paul Devro drops a soild mixtape for Dre Skull's imprint Mixpak Records. Paul is never afraid to drop something bizarre next to another hidden gem. I’m not even going to get into the range of genres he dabbles in on this mix or we’ll be here all day.


Markrophone – 777 (Paul Devro Opal Dubplate Mix)
Mr.Vegas – Certain Law (Murlo Refix)
Assassin – Cruise & Go Round Dem
Khago – Bloodbath
Busy Signal – Mad Mi
Dj Chuckie – Nu Ga Je Dansen Klootzak
Douster – Pop That Bubble
Murlo – Borvo
DJ Kiff – KickPush(TeamFranklin & TeamCypherAnthem)
Chris Brown -Make A Movie (DeeJay CMoNeY Remix)
DJ Rell – FlowerBombsd
Ghettotech White Label – Between Me & You
Uk Dub White Label – Tears
Sinjin Hawke – Like That (mastered 16-bit)
Sadie Ama – Falling
Tribo da Periferia – O Que eu Acho
Pacificadores – Vai Morrer
RodStar – Alarme
Rav – Grave Bomba
K-Liber – Tambu (Bubblin Tag Mix)
El Chinero – Pon Lo Patra
Suhe Ve Cheereya


Major Lazer 'Original Don' Video

Been canning this tune to death. I had to wait a year and a half for this god damn song to come out. Well worth the wait if you ask me. Great video to boot.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keyboard Kid 'The Mind Is So Complex When Your Based'


After finding out that the based god Lil B's producer was based here in Seattle, I had to find out who he was. Enter Keyboard Kid. The 25 year old has made quite a name for himself already. Besides making hits for Lil B, Kid has been on his grind dropping mixtape after mixtape. My favorite so far has to be the aptly named, Video Games & Blunts. A trip into the new experimental hip hop sound that has been floating around, i.e. Clams Casino, Zomby, etc. Keyboard Kids beats represent a coup d'├ętat of the old guard of hip hop. Fuzzy / Unmixed / Trap / Future Juke / Codine Influenced tracks. This new tape, curated for URB Magazine which features Kid blending 30 min of original material into a 'based' rap instrumental affair.

DL my favorite cut of the moment. Appearing on Video Games & Blunts. Digital Trap Music. 4 real. Slapper Approved. Based. Alien Technology (Mediafire Link)

Calibre 'Condition' LP


Clocking in at his eighth LP, Calibre, my all time favorite drum and bass producer has crafted another classic gem. The 'Condition' LP was just released on his own imprint, Signature Records about a month ago. This could be the record that gets me back into playing drum and bass again. Dont trust my words though. Calibre weighs in on his latest release.

Calibre - Condition [SIGLP007] by Surus

"Condition is my drum and bass follow up to 'Even If'. I originally wanted to make an album that was more dance floor influenced, to have a more light hearted approach, in some ways it has that, but I couldn't stop myself from making the deeper material. For years I have wrestled with the subtle side of drum and bass, my journey has been one that tries to attain the simple groove, to keep removing the layers of this music, this album is an expression of this, and how I'm still feeling the underdog waiting for the cycle… it came about as it always has and thats the way its supposed to, enjoyable and moving fast to discover the stillness."

- Calibre

Monday, December 5, 2011

Locals Only

Douster 'Boom Shaka Laka'


Many a star has produced a Boom Shaka Laka tune, from Apache Indian to Junior Reid, but now Douster offers up a BSL club track for 2011, as part of his new EP dropping on Mad Decent's new sister label, Jeffery on the 22nd of December. In the words of the producer himself: ‘On that Bubblin/Freestyle/Carnival tip, those are meant to be played LOUD!’.

Boom Shaka Laka // Bubble Pop preview by douster

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Los Rakas 'Cueria'


Ive been looking to get these guys up here for sometime now. Thinks its gonna have to happen. Soon. They have had singles, edits & remixes out in the past, but ‘Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada’ marks Los Rakas official EP debut. “Cueria” is a tune that appears on the record. Badman business.

Artist statement:

‘Cueria’ is completely fictional, but cinematic reminder of the tensions felt between law enforcement and citizens across the world. ‘Cueria’ was written and conceived by director, NASIR, with Los Rakas making their acting debut.

Shot in Oakland, California, directed by NASIR, with cinematography by Justin Potter, and Nick Crispen as Officer O’Leary, new LOS RAKAS clip ‘CUERIA’ stars Raka Rich & Raka Dun in the role of two cousins on a mission to avenge the killing of their teenage friend.

A news anchor reports on a recent murder: “14 year old Julio Alvarez, known by his friends and family as Lil Ray Ray, was shot dead, in cold blood, not resisting. Outrage. Officer O’Leary has been released on bail.”

The clip cuts to the confused, angry and intent-filled characters driving through the deserted streets of industrial Oakland, planning their next move as Panama’s most celebrated salsa singer, Ruben Blades, foreshadows what is to happen next: ‘Un carro pasa muy despacito por la avenida.’ A car passes by slowly through the avenue…

Blades celebrated salsa narrative, ‘Pedro Navaja’ about a knife-wielding crook (read more about the song here) who meets his match after attacking an armed prostitute, continues to sound in the background as Panamanian patron saint, Cristo Negro de Portobelo, plays witness to the discussion of what to do next with the kidnapped Officer O’Leary, ending in a dark demise and subsequent ‘CUERIA’ (Translation: ‘Take out’).

“He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Life gives you surprises.” -Ruben Blades (Pedro Navaja)



Shot in Oakland, CA.

Video Director: NASIR
Twitter: @NASIR__

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shabazz Palaces - "Black Up"

Shabazz Palaces - "Black Up" from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.

Samo & Cedaa XLR8R Podcasts

Ive been following XLR8R for almost ten years now. Was always my favorite magazine back in the day. Ever since they went online and started their Podcast series, I never missed a mix. Low and behold the last two they put out were the dudes Samo Sound Boy & Cedaa, back to back. Large up the guys. Always like to see the homies doing it big.



Over the past few months, a lot of space on XLR8R has been devoted to the exploits of Los Angeles DJ/producer Samo Sound Boy, a Trouble & Bass-affiliated artist who recently struck out on his own with Body High, a new label he's launched with Jerome Potter of LOL Boys. The pair have also begun producing together under the name DJ Dodger Stadium, a project which delivered the inaugural Body High release in early October. Only six weeks later, the young imprint is humming along nicely, having dropped a second EP from the mysterious DJ Funeral, with several more releases already lined up for the months ahead. As such, we figured now would be a good time to invite Samo Sound Boy to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Flying through 21 songs in just over 40 minutes, the mix showcases his ability to combine club-ready house and bass music with bombastic rap rhythms. It's more or less a mission statement of what Body High is all about, something that's strengthened by the fact that nearly half the tunes—several of which are unreleased—come from the label's still-growing stable of artists. Also worth noting is that nearly all of the artists in the tracklist hail from the US; after several years of UK acts getting the majority of the electronic-music shine, perhaps things are shifting back toward the American side of the pond, and it appears that Samo Sound Boy and the Body High crew are right in the thick of it.

01 Samo Sound Boy "Intro / As You Walk In"
02 Dubbel Dutch "Heartbruk" (Mixpak)
03 Floyd Campbell "Multipass" (Body High)
04 Deebs "Untitled" (Pelican Fly)
05 Drake feat. Nicki Minaj "Make Me Proud" (Young Money)
06 Samo Sound Boy "Shuffle Code (Ikonika Remix)" (Trouble & Bass)
07 Sam Tiba "ZigZag" (Marble)
08 Tim Dolla "Trina Bytch"
09 Travis Porter "You Don't Know Bout It" (Jive)
10 DJ Soulja-Man "Eski-Tech" (Body High)
11 DJ Funeral "The Killing" (Body High)
12 DJ Jayhood & DJ Joker "Jersey Anthem"
13 DJ Dodger Stadium "MF Hustla" (Body High)
14 DJ Funeral "Last Breath" (Body High)
15 DJ Sliink "Whine For Me"
16 The Ethics "To The Beat of The Drum (Floyd Campbell Edit)"
17 DJ Dodger Stadium "2 Plus 2" (Body High)
18 DJ Dagwood "My Baby Wants To Ride" (Underground Construction)
19 Clicks & Whistles "Serious Bidness" (Embassy)
20 Myrryrs "I'm a State of Mind" (Body High)
21 Roscoe Dash "Sexy Girl Anthem" (Futuristic Swagg)




While many young producers have taken up the bass and juke mantle in the past year or two, few have done so while matching the quality of the output being produced by 21-year-old Cedaa (a.k.a. Simon Ho). Currently spending his days as a college student in Bellingham, Washington, the Bubblin' beatmaker has already dropped a number of releases and has also been instated as a member of Kingdom's new Fade to Mind crew. While his first Fade to Mind release is still in the works, we twisted Cedaa's arm and got him to put together an exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series. Moving through tunes at a lightning-quick pace—most of which are also produced by young, Soundcloud-reared producers like himself—the young artist begins with edgy, R&B- and hip-hop-flavored bass music before cranking up the tempo and diving headlong into upfront, juke-referencing sounds. Unlike many producers who dabble in the genre, Cedaa never forgets the dancefloor, eschewing overly complex experimentalism and always maintaining the groove. It's a fun—and forward—listen, and only builds the anticipation for what Cedaa will do next.

01 Sinjin Hawke and Lucid "Fizzy Drink"
02 Panteros666 "Javelin (Richelle Remix)" (Forma T)
03 Daniel Klauser "Dance and Disaster (Look Like Remix)" (Get Flavor)
04 Kingdom "Let You No" (Night Slugs)
05 Myrryrs "Burn and Turn It Up" (B. YRSLF)
06 DJ Soulja-Man "Eski-Tech" (Body High)
07 MikeQ & Angel X feat. Jay Karan "Let It All Out 2012" (Fade to Mind)
08 Jim-E Stack "Come Between" (Good Years)
09 Astronomar "Swordfight"
10 5kinandbone5 feat. YG "Stomp (Cedaa Remix)" (Grizzly)
11 Jaws da Jormungand "Falling Fire"
12 KNC "Let It Go" (Paradisiaca)
13 Cedaa "Varsity"
14 Diamond "Money in the Clutch"
15 Fuzzy Logik feat. Jada Pearl "All My Love (Slick Shoota Remix)" (Safe & Sound)
16 Clicks & Whistles "Endo"
17 Max Ulis & Self Evident "Eastsiders (Cedaa Remix)" (10pin)
18 Robbie Tronco "Walk With Me (160 BPM Edit)" (Heavy Street)
19 Sonora "Dime Pa"
20 Wheez-ie "Weird Gumby Thing"
21 Clicks & Whistles "Saved"
22 Outkast "Unhappy (Deebs Bootleg)"
23 Melvin "White Space Conflict"
24 Massacooramaan "I'm OK with The Knife (Instrumental)"
25 Cedaa "Patagonia"
26 Murder Mark "Bad Bitches Drop It Low (Slick Shoota Remix)" (Zoo On Mars)
27 Trey Songz "Bottoms Up (Instrumental)" (WMG)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Bebup Issue #1


Bebup is a newborn record label curated and managed by Benjamin “Blanco” Collet and Dj & Producer Hugo Douster.

The label isn’t focused on one specific genre but works more on “coup de coeur” from us. We want to give opportunities to unknown producers begining in the music game but also provide a playground for established producers that wants to experiment.

Our first release, planned for Mid-January is from young and gifted french newcomer Roma who drives us into a dark, yet trippy, bass journey into the life of a suburban french youth. The second one is from Latino American techno supergroup Grupo Ecuador. We’re then gonna keep the next releases oscillating between new wave feelings, afro-pop rhytms, soulfull house and future rap.

Assuming that our tastes in music will be predominant for our releases, we decided to build a little introductory mix showcasing our influences. Since you can’t resume a whole life of music (as young as we are) in a 45 min mix, be sure it’s just the first of a long serie.

BBP ISSUE #1 - A mix by Douster & Blanco by BEBUP

Download :

1 - Pink Floyd - Echoes
2 - Tity Boy ft.Gudda Gudda - Getting To the money
3 - The Clipse - Comedy Central ft. Fabulous
4 - Easy E -Real Muthaphuckin G’s
5 - Snoop Dogg - Gin & Juice
6 - Group Home - Stupid MF’s
7 - The Showboys - Drag Rap
8 - Beastie Boys - Sure Shot
9 - DAF - Sato Sato
10 - Nitzer Ebb - Join in the chant
12 - New Order - Beach Buggy
13 - Charles B - Lack Of love (club mix)
14 - Extasy Club - Jesus Loves the Acid
15 - The Horrorist - One Night in New York City
16 - Sven Vath - Dein Schweiss (Thomas P Heckmann rmx)
17 - Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator
18 - Scientist - Supernova Explosion
19 - The Talking Heads - I get Wild, Wild Gravity
20 - Joey Musaphia - I Miss you
21 - Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #3
22 - Ark - Hey Glizz
23 - Virgo 4 - Sex

Nguzunguzu's Remix Gang Gang Dance


LA's world-bass duo Nguzunguzu remixing "Chinese High" by NYC world-psych band Gang Gang Dance. The two outfits have actually toured together before, and this reformatted tune—the original version of which is lifted off the East Coast group's excellent Eye Contact LP from this year, is a piece of propulsive, percussion-heavy club music that's as twisted and massive as just about anything else we've heard from the production pair. You can download "Chinese High (Nguzuznguzu Remix)" for free from the widget below