Friday, March 5, 2010

Seattle Impressions..

Fueled by his loyalty to a good friend who is mired in legal and financial troubles, Jake Clifford has tied this love for a brother and pillar of the community into a major Seattle arts event. Jake's drive has attracted the allegiance of a growing battalion of artists, and created a network of radical friendships that will continue to manifest. Seattle has made an impression upon us, and we're going to leave an impression of our own. People should go to the end of the earth for each other, and no one should go to the end of the earth alone. Paintings, photos, poetry, video, ceramics, books, coloring books, djs, food, drink. First 75 people through the door get slap bracelets. Ranger IPA on tap. $1 minimum donation.

JAKE CLIFFORD - photography

GERARDO GONZALEZ – glasscasting, ceramics


MANDILLA – painting

GREGORY HOFMANN – painting, literature, grill

MATT GANO – spoken word


Will Johnsen said...

What time is this going down?

S said...

I found a sketchbook at the Sasquatch music festival.

On the back cover is a post-it note with an email address. The email address is currently bunk, as the email I sent there has bounced.

Also on the back cover are three additional stickers that say "Seattle Impressions, 3.14.2010, First and Cherry".

There is a lot of "donut" imagery and the artist is also a fan of the band, Ween.

Any assistance tracking down the owner of this sketchbook would be great, if any of this rings a bell with anyone.

stevewbond -at- gmail