Monday, May 17, 2010

Doctor P Live From Splash in Paris

If your were to ask me what in Dubstep is really impressing me right now, I would now be able to show you exclusively with this one single mix. Doctor P is my favorite Dubstep producer at the moment, and before you accuse me of jumping on the “Sweet Shop bandwagon”, have a listen to his latest mix below. It’s a recording from a live set he did in Paris earlier this year and it features unreleased tunes from him and other artists on his label, Circus Records. Not only is his selection top notch, but his track placements and transitions are so god damn professional. For all who thought Doctor P was a one hit wonder, I demand you to check this out. One of the best Dubstep sets I have ever heard.
J&H.Rec001_DOCTOR P @ SPLASH-PARIS (Feb 10')by2sheep4coke


Luke said...

Shit dude, thanks for making it downloadable! All I know is Bassnectar and he's a god for me now, so I'm stoked to hear some other artists.

dj spirit fingaz said...

that's some rude shit...i remember when i heard Sweet Shop the first time. I was like "ok that's how you do it".