Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hey Cool Kid


My name is Sharlese. I'm a DJ at KEXP and avid Out For Stardom champion. I'll be posting here every now and then to add a different flavor to this already powerful voice. Over the year, I've been listening to a band called Cloud Nothings. They're out of Cleveland, Ohio and make fuzzy danceable pop gems. The hooks and chorus' get me every time. Do you ever have those time when you're mad and want to stay mad? Well, this record won't help because its pure happiness. Anyway, their video for "Hey Cool Kid" is great! A nerdy kid takes a homeless man and turns him into a superstar robot basketball player.

Their debut LP "Turning On" came out this year on Carpark Records and their self-titled sophomore release is due out on 1/25.


MANDilla said...

oh yeah..

Ian T said...

Hey Sharlese! Allison and I are in the UK now but we always get a kick out of hearing you on KEXP!

sharlese said...

Hi Ian!

Its nice to hear from you! I'm glad you found me on here!

What's up in the UK?

lar said...

i will kill you