Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jam City "Waterworx EP"


Twenty year old London based producer Jack Latham, or better know to the world as Jam City just dropped his long awaited second EP on Night Slugs this week. Coming of the strength of his last outing for the label on his 'Magic Drops' EP, this release is no less amazing. Aqua Box' is in the title: imagine a pumping Chicago box jam torpedoed down to the ocean floor and souped up with some South London subs and you're in business. 'Countess' is the kind of grime influenced house at which JC so excels; militant, broken drum syncopations, stop-start electro arpeggios to bone-crushing effect. Island' has been knocking around on dubplate for the best part of two years; butch 808 drums jolting and jabbing around airy, just killer. 'Barely A Trak' takes the formula of combining UKF syncopations and bending Moomin synths, but caresses it into something properly unique with the help of some nifty edits and an 'ardkore-style vocal loop. 'Waterfalls' gestures towards Chicago again, with its Virgo-esque tom hits and starlit synths, but breaks down into something altogether more mutant and LDN-flavoured. Peep it down below. Standard.

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