Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DTTC "Big Ass Head" vid

Don't Talk To The Cops has come out with a great video to go along with their song Big Ass Head. The energy and silliness in the song is perfectly evoked in this video. I'm so glad to see a visual to one of my personal favorite summertime party jams. I'm pretty sure I played this song at least once during every DJ set over the past 6 months. I must tell you it worked anywhere. On a full dance floor packed with quickly spazzed out dancers, this was the perfect compliment to slow down the pace and still keep the groove. When everyone was on a deck sipping Pink Dranks in the sun, it immediately made them get up and shake their thang thang. Even if you just sat there and didn't want to have fun, you would still nod your head and chuckle to yourself about hilarious these lyrics are. I'm also pretty sure this song is my lady's favorite rap song of all time. How can you go wrong? Enjoy the visuals by Treats Club.

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