Saturday, March 31, 2012

Schlachthofbronx 'Dirty Dancing' LP


Christ this is a massive record. Been waiting on this one since last summer. Yesterday, Munich based Schlachthofbronx dropped their eagerly awaited 'Dirty Dancing' LP on Mad Decent. Slamming every global bass genre together in a one package, it represents the current state of sounds circulating the globe. Check out the LP preview below.


1. Slowine
2. Juego ft Doubla J
3. Agwaso
4. Touch Your Toes ft Natalie Storm
5. Apizaco
6. That G-String Track
7. One Hand ft Puppetmastaz & Doubla J
8. Singstar ft Gnucci Banana
9. Waistline
10. Dickie Riddim ft Warrior Queen
11. Every Day Of The Week ft DJ Assault
12. Copenhagen

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