Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mad Rad - Portland/Eugene Trip

this is a tour diary of sorts for our trip to portland and eugene last summer. i made it mainly for those that were on the trip, but it's got some good live footage of Mad Rad and gives you some insight to their personalities for those of you that may not know them personally. warning it's 15 minutes long.

so much fun!! lot's of people were having trouble finding here it is!

Mad Rad - Portland from tyler soverns on Vimeo.


p smoov said...

Man this is so awesome... can't wait for more adventures this summer. You're a muhu fukin G squintz!!

TyWeezie said...

fuckin great video.. i haven't seen any of that footage...looked like a blast..
gotta be on the documentary game...classic

Nikki said...

This was awesome... A different look into the world of Mad Rad. Favorite part: Psmoov was getting excited to do Crack The Blunt and was spitting ideas; Buffalo and Radjaw were "dear in the head lights." LOL So funny!

Psmoov, you are such a camera ham! This just makes we want to see home videos of you when you were a kid, you were probably just as much of a ham if not more so.

-Seattle Show Gal