Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stranger's Spring Playlist

Christopher Frizzelle at The Stranger put into today's paper his springtime playlist and put up 9 of the songs that he cannot stop listening to. I do suppose that gorgeous days bring on gorgeous music. To see what other songs made his cut go to the LineOut blog. I personally feel 100% the same about that Hot Chip song.

"My Product" by Mad Rad
The question isn't whether Mad Rad is the future of Seattle hiphop, but whether Mad Rad is hiphop at all. Is Hot Chip hiphop? Is Santigold hiphop? "My Product" is a catchy, relentless, adrenalized beat covered in spiky metallic notes, a spiritual cousin of Santogold's "L.E.S. Artistes," and the female voice wailing into the sky in "My Product" is in fact a guy's very impressive falsetto. There are a couple seconds of spoken-word business about consumerism that I used to roll my eyes at—"My product is your product, your product is my product, their product is our product, our product is not theirs"—but the more I learn about the banking industry (fuckers, all), the more I think of it as a perfectly timed fall-of-capitalism dance hit. Mad Rad haters—the band has been banned from every major venue in town—are going to have to deal. These guys are special.

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