Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Everyone knows who Fresh Espresso & They Live! are but who else is playing? Some people wanted to know who the Lamborghiniz are, well let me do some explaining. They are a few members from Coconut Coolouts that do cool shit like this:

Now, they make booty music on a side project. I am unfortunate to not have any video, but you can hear tunes HERE. Here's their mission statement:

4 big-dick muh'fuckaz who got sick of hearing all this music that DON'T be talkin' about fuckin'. So we write songs that talk about shit we know about like sex, oral sex, group sex, party sex, sex parties, takin' drugs and havin' sex at parties, public restroom sex, sex with old ladies, sex with sexy ladies, sexy sex, filthy-ass dirty-as-fuck sex, big booties, big titties, little booties, little titties and girls that like to fuck. People say we're too nasty and that all we rap about is fuckin'. Welp, THEY RIGHT!

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