Saturday, November 28, 2009

$30 DEAL

So for GO! MACHINE, buying in advance is really the way to go!! Instead of spending $30 for both nights, why not just spend $20 up front and get both tickets, that is $10 in savings. Also, if you think are going to spend $30 anyway, why not pay that up front? Not only do you get a ticket, but you also get a limited edition GO! MACHINE t-shirt courtesy of Winner's Circle.

I know I know!! There are better ways these days to spend your $30, right? With this recession and the upcoming holiday season, I get it. Now enjoy your damn Snuggie.



TyWeezie said...

gotta get me a snuggie..

p smoov said...

I think they got snuggies at walgreens now. Imma go swoop on one... not becuase i am a genarally chilly person, but becuase i support things that dont normally have sleaves having sleaves... i cant wait for the day when pizza has sleaves.