Thursday, February 11, 2010


justin palm a.k.a. jp farquar conveys his dark and tortured forms in all mediums from his cartoon series "no naps for the damned" to his comic book to his paintings creating his own worlds of the macabre as he goes along. he is truly talented and hands down one of my favorite visual artists.

jp farquar is having a show of his paintings and comic book sketches on Friday 2/12/10 at the city hostel - 2327 2nd ave Seattle Wa. 98121 (2nd & battery) from 5 to 9 and it's going to be amazing. he will have prints, t-shirts, stickers, buttons etc. for purchase and there will be snacks, beer and wine available.

below are some of his newer paintings that will be in the show and also part of the pilot episode of his cartoon.


lee said...

JUSTIN ! What an amazing show ! You have such great support of your freinds and collegues , you are a great representative of the Seattle Art Community.

Anonymous said...

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