Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trent Moorman "On the Brink" Outtakes

Trent is the amazing drummer for Head Like a Kite and several other bands including Fresh Espresso. He is an amazing human being and an absolute wierdo. This video had me crackin up. Buffalo, Darwin, Trent and I recently spent a few days on Camano Island and I can ussure you he really is this wierd in real life.

You can check out Trent at "Head Like and Espresso Truck" which is an evening of performances and colaborations with Fresh Espresso, Head Like a Kite, and Truckasauras at Neumos on Feb 12.


Radjaw said...

oh man. trent is awesome hahahahha

TyWeezie said...

yah so funny

timothy said...

I like the family on the Space Needle that he gets to do jumping jacks. And the fact that he sings Prince.