Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Say What!? w/ Truckasaurus, Darwin, Recess, Blondzie, Trent Moorman, Buffalo Madonna & guest MC's!!!

Number three in the series of +18 parties by Out For Stardom & Shameless. This time round, we got Seattle's own Truckasaurs w/ 'special guest MC's'. The Darwin & Trent Dubstep spectacle live in action & support from the Shameless homies Recess & Blodzie thru out the night!! Taking on hosting duties is none other than the infamous Buffalo Madonna. Shits gonna get wacky...

A little poster beef never hurt either...

By Eric Grandy (via The Line Out)

There's a battle raging for a little patch of vertical real estate around the corner from the Stranger offices. Last week, the giant poster pictured at right—for 18+ Chop Suey dance night Say What?!—appeared on the Pine st-facing wall of the long disused but soon to be flipped building at the corner of 11th & Pine.

Say What?! co-promoters Shameless write that "within 8 hours Poster Giant came and wrecked it":

We put a lot of time and effort into creating a dope wall poster. Within 8 hours Poster Giant came and wrecked it by covering it over with their own. But by 2am we had our revenge and their wall came down while caught on video. Random people walking by jumped in to help out. It was a worthy cause. By 5pm the next day we had our wall back thanks to Darwin and the Filejerks. f*@k Poster Giant.

Here's that video

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