Monday, October 18, 2010

Jarv Dee "I Just Wanna"


Tay Sean: "One of the things I really like about this track is that you get a sense of Jarv’s genuine frustration with day-to-day bullshit, be it the stresses of paying child support or fighting a drug case. But at the same time the song isn’t really about the grief as much as it is about just chillin in the whip, blastin your favorite shit, maybe with a chance of mild intoxication."

10.4 Rog: "I first heard the original live. Jarv performed it at the Columbia City Theater grand reopening in Seattle with a backing band. For me, it was the hook that stood out. It came off effortlessly, like an anthem, and after the show I could hear it in my head over and over again. Some time after I had met Jarv, I asked for his permission to try tackling my own version. When I was finished, it sounded to me as if it took place at a different time of day compared to the original."

Radjaw: "This shit is fire!"

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