Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Destruction of a suit

This is our new pal Horacio from Los Angeles via Mexico City.

We met Horacio at the after party of our show in LA. Around 5 am Darwin, Buffalo, and I decided we were going to make the long journey from Downtown LA to Venice beach with little money and no real knowledge of the bus system. It was an adventure. Horacio was down for the ride. We eventually made it and the prize of relaxing in the beautiful sunshine with waves of the pacific and beer crashing all around us was well worth the journey.

Horacio is also an artist. He embarked on a project called "The Destruction of a Suit" where he wore a suit for 365 days straight without washing it, himself, or cutting his hair, beard, or nails. That's true dedication to your work. He told us that at first he was looking clean, then as the suit deteriorated people's views of him changed. He said by the end it was hard to part with, like it had become part of him.

Nice meeting you in LA Horacio. We kicked it tough and you kept up.

Check out more of Horacio's art here.

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