Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RIP Kurt Cobain

17 years ago, I was 13 years old and living in New Jersey. Seattle seemed almost way too far away to even fathom that one day I would be living here. I knew only a handful of things about this city I have come to love: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, & The Supersonics. I remember hearing the news that Kurt Cobain committed suicide and it ultimately brought a state of sadness mixed with confusion. I had listened to In Utero constantly and loved everything about their MTV Unplugged performance. These guys seemed on top of the world and controlling/changing the state of music. It wasn't until much later in life that I learned all the pains, struggles, and seemingly endless bullshit he had been put through. It's a blessing to live in a city that embraces it's own, and if it wasn't for Seattle, I probably would have never grown into the man I am today. I do wish I could have breathed this city while Kurt was alive, and I do wonder what this city would be like now if he had never passed. Unfortunately, neither of those can happen for me. Instead, we can celebrate the man that helped mold our young minds and make us who we are today. Rest In Peace.

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