Friday, September 16, 2011

OFS Geniuses

This what The Stranger had to say about three of OFS' own geniuses. I must add I consider everybody that I fucks with a genius. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing human beings on a daily basis. It is my honor to work with you all and a huge pleasure to call you my friends and my family. Much respect from NJ to SEA, OFS!

One of the more surprising transformations of the year was watching Mad Rad's Buffalo Madonna—a man known for scaling the sides of a festival stage at Sasquatch! a few years back and rapping from above the stage's roof—transform into a subdued memoirist publishing under his given name. A confessional essay Nathan Quiroga read aloud at several literary events this year, later published in The Stranger, was daring, dark, and rueful. Quiroga is of the mind that readings aren't as alluring as they need to be, and this year plans to start a reading series in alleys at twilight, with writers up on ladders, and beer, and possibly music. -CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE

This year alone, OC Notes (Otis Calvin III), a local hiphop producer, has released four superb albums: Metal Chocolates (with the highly regarded rapper Rik Rude), The New Generation (embracing the new age), Medicine, and Secret Society. As a local hiphop album, Secret Society (the first of OC's rock-influenced recordings, the other being The New Generation) is second only to Shabazz Palaces' Black Up—and it's a close second. (True, if THEESatisfaction had released their sophomore album this year, Secret Society would be third—but, again, a very close third). OC Notes, who recently moved into Vitamin D's former recording place in Pioneer Square, is a genius, and like all true geniuses, he is generous. OC Notes is a pure giver; he is always giving beats to this city. -CHARLES MUDEDE

Katie Kate is a rapper, producer, and classically trained pianist. She studied music at Cornish and is currently a member of the Out for Stardom crew (Mad Rad, Fresh Espresso, and Metal Chocolates). Recently she completed her debut album, Flatland, which we're hoping will be released this year—and the album's production is solid and her range (singing, rapping, beat-making, keyboarding) impressive. Indeed, Katie Kate could easily become one of the top local producers—a realm that's screaming for more female talent. Her hiphop beats for "Totebag" and "Body Out" are first-rate, and the techno/new wave of "Copenhagen" and "Houses" is beautifully cold, dark, and cosmopolitan. Katie has a muscular sense of composition or design; her music is carefully built, part by part, with this part corresponding with that part, and this melodic line corresponding with that melodic line. Her music is in the details. -CHARLES MUDEDE


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