Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mad Rad Gets Served!


I'm P Smoov.

Yeah, so we got subpoenaed on Saturday before our set at the mix in Georgetown.

Jonathan Cunningham over at Seattle Weekly reported it like this:

"This past Saturday night, I went to the Mix bar down in Georgetown to check out a Mad Rad show. Like all Mad Rad gigs, lots of shenanigans and mayhem ensued. Buffalo Madonna was sweating like he just climbed a mountain, P Smoov was bouncing all over the stage getting cheers from the ladies, and Terry Radjaw was anchoring it all with solid vocals and a few trips into the audience to keep people riled up. The boys had every reason to let off steam that night. Just an hour or two before I showed up, someone paid Mad Rad a visit.

According to P Smoov and Buffalo, a casually dressed man in all black was at the show a little early and wanted to learn more about who was in the group. "He comes up to me and goes, 'you're in Mad Rad right? What's your name man?'" P-Smoov said sort of laughing after the Saturday night gig. "So I go, yeah man, my name is Peter... what's up? And he goes, 'yo, you just got served' and walked out of the bar! Damn. The owner of Amante's Pizza is suing, yes that's right, suing Mad Rad because someone on their promo team put up a wheat paste Mad Rad poster on the side of an Amante's on Capitol Hill a year ago. The owner initially reached out to the band to have them remove the posters personally, but according to the band members they were on tour in Connecticut at the time and couldn't do it. They claim they were very polite via phone and promised to take care of it as soon as they returned home. That wasn't good enough and the owner said if it wasn't removed immediately, he was going to sue. Well, he just did to the tune of $500. And Mad Rad is naturally upset about it.

But at the same time, they've got a sense of humor as well. "I just think it was funny the way we got served," Buffalo said laughing after the show. "[The server] totally did his research, knew who we were, dressed the part and everything. Pretended to be a fan of our music and then bam, fucking served us with papers."

When asked if they plan to fight it, they said no. The $500 is for the cost of paint the owner of Amante's allegedly used to fix the damages, and Mad Rad is just going to pony up the money and pay him. Even though they highly doubt he incurred $500 worth of damages due to a few posters on the side of his building. If you want to help them raise the cash to pay off their latest legal debt, Fresh Espresso (P Smoov's side project) is playing a show this Friday, May 8th at the the High Dive. Later that night, Mad Rad play a show at Nectar. If you are a fan of their music, you're sort of getting a two for one."

You can check out the Seattle Weekly post here !

Seems like we just can't stay out of trouble. Sheesh!



TyWeezie said...

pay up? are you kidding me? c'mon now don't be pussies... you didn't even do anything. some fans posted it right? c'monnnnn

MKZ said...

Wow! Is this for real?