Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mudede on Fresh Espresso


I woke this morning to coffee in my cup and the latest stranger in my hands.
I flipped to the music section to see a full page article on my band Fresh Espresso.
Needless to say I was excited to see what the great Charles Mudede would write about our group and our record.

THE ARTICLE (click to read)

As I read, I was horrified to see that the whole article hinged on lyrics that I wrote and performed on a song called, "Something New". The problem is Mudede credited these lyrics to Rik Rude and proceeded to misquote rik with my lyrics 2 more times in this article.

He also said that our record was "untitled" even though we repeatedly told him the name of it is "Glamour". And he said that O C Notes was in the mind movers (he isn't).
I am dissapointed at the lack of tought and investigation that went into this article. I am a huge fan of Charles Mudede, and I am shocked at how amature this journalism appears to be.

Thumbs down.

I spoke to Mudede via email and he apologized for any incorrect information and he promptly changed the online version of the publication.

Thumbs up.


Phee Dill said...

very disappointing, P.

Something New has some of your best rhymes and Rik gets all the shine.? Nonetheless, its a dope article as far as publicity. You guys are gonna blow up. Congrats.
2 of the illest from the D to the Sea!!!

But seriously...he should have done a little more research.

p smoov said...

I certainly love Mudede's wrighting (no mistake should be made). His article on his early seattle life, living squatter style amongst artists and drug addicts, reminds me of my beginnings in this town -- homeless at the robot room. Check it here --->

rabidchildimages said...

i can see your disappointment in the pic, p.

ben blood said...

I just read the print version today. Excited to see you guys in the Stranger, but glad you clarified the facts.