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In less than 2 weeks the ZZK Records crew will be once again taking a slice of emerging Buenos Aires culture to the North America. This time, they’ve been invited by the city of Denver to represent Buenos Aires music in the Biennial of the Americas.

They are asking for fans and friends to help take ZZK bigger and broader through ZZK TV. Click here to be a part.

Like many modern movements, the internet has played a large part of ZZK’s success. When before could the rest of the world see and hear what was going on at the bottom of the world as quickly and clearly as now? Through myspace, youtube, vimeo, facebook, podcasts, mixtapes, blogs, twitters and other forms of instant worldwide communication the ZZK bunch have managed to get their sound and vision out at rocket speed.


July 20 – New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
July 22 – Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl
July 23 – Martha’s Vineyard, MA – Martha’s V
July 24 – Montreal, PQ – Divan Orange
July 25 – Toronto, ON – Wrongbar
July 26 – Detroit, MI – The Lager House
July 27 – Chicago, IL – Beauty Bar
July 28 – St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN – Turf Club
July 31 – Denver, CO – Biennial of the Americas
August 1 – Salt Lake City – Urban Lounge
August 3 – Seattle, WA – Crocodile
August 4 – Portland, OR – Rotture
August 5 – San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop
August 6 – Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex

ZZK Kickstarter - Help a Label Out from ZZK Records on Vimeo.

Now, they are calling on the internet once again, this time upping the ante and taking along a film crew to document their latest tour in hopes of putting the footage up on their newest idea, ZZK TV.

To make this happen ZZK is raising funds for the project. They have enlisted Kickstarter, a great Brooklyn based website for funding creative projects to donating as easy as buying on And, they are giving away rewards. Click here to be a part.

If you haven’t heard much about the record label, start here. ZZK has played an important contemporary role in the revitalization of South American culture for new global audiences, we invite you to listen to Chancha Via Circuito’s newest album which bridges music across generations, borders and time.

Chancha Via Circuito - Rio Arriba 2010 by zzkrecords



Tremor is hands down one of the most exciting bands in all South America. There is a reason there is only one live band on the ZZK label, and seeing Tremor perform you will quickly understand why. Tremor is Leonardo Martinelli, a multi-instrumentalist and composer with ten years of experience scoring film and theater in Argentina. Together with Camilo Carabajal and Gerardo Farez, Tremor deftly combines IDM with the sound of Northern Argentina where guitars, drums and other instruments breathe to the beat of computer bleeps. Tremor performs live with native Argentine instruments like the charango guitar, the bombo legüero drum, keyboards and synthesizers. It might be easy to pass off Tremor’s sound as “cumbia digital,” but after one listen to his style and influence of native instruments and folklore – you will quickly realize he’s forging his own sub-genre – “digital folklorico.”

Chancha Via Circuito

Chancha Via Circuito is ZZK’s secret gem. As talented as producers come, Chancha Via Circuito is carving out his niche as a genre bending musical talent on the highest levels. When Diplo rolled through to play Zizek 3 years ago, it was Chancha’s CD that struck him first. Chancha Via Circuito explores the minimal side of digital cumbia with inspiration from afro-dance, murgas (marching bands), minimal dub, IDM, and down tempo. Computer bleeps share sonic space with folkloric chant. Candombe drums are accompanied by the sample of a machete splicing the air and a vocal line of indigenous bebop is layered over hints of dub.

El Remolón

If there were ever to be a superstar DJ in the digital-cumbia scene, it is El Remolón. El Remolón brings a global dance sensibility to digital cumbia, dubstep and electro-reggaeton cuts. With hypnotic beats influenced by everything from Colombian cumbia, cumbia villera (cumbia from the slums of Buenos Aires), and reggaeton to dubstep, dub, IDM, and minimal techno, El Remolón cuts his own vision of electronica for global dance floors. His sound is laid-back but heavy-hitting with a European dance floor sensibility. Listen to El Remolón's new EP Pangeatico Here

El G

EL G is the DJ name of Grant C. Dull, label manager of ZZK Records, co-founder of Zizek Club and a 6-year adopted citizen & cultural ambassador of Buenos Aires. DJ sets of El G are powerful showcases of ZZK music: past, present and future. B-Sides, mashups, bootlegs, official and unofficial releases plus the newest music from the ZZK label is tested on audiences during his fiery, eclectic and intensely fun DJ sets. El G has commandeered ZZK Records as a global movement, both behind the scenes and on the turntables at festivals like Coachella, Roskilde & Summer Stage in Central Park, NYC. El G also runs &

Support a movement, be a part of a record label and get some new music and merch while you’re at it!

For the sake of good music, show these boys some love!

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