Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OC Notes x Rik Rude = Dope Fiend Jazz



Its another rainy day in the square. Rude and Notes walk the back alleys to the murder mart to pick up a sweet and some of the finest pois-ons the city has to offer before returning to the laboratory. The sweet gets rolled, the cork pops, the machines get turned on. An agreement has been made. Today our scientists have decided to try a new experiment in spoken word and electronic African rhythms. One take, free form, freestyle, jazz. This is pioneer square....Dope Fiend Jazz.

The L gets blazed. Rude steps in the booth, OC gets on the pads. The record button gets pushed. No pens, no paper, no pre made beats. This is Live improvisation. New experiments in space and time. Dope Fiend Jazz.

This is a brilliant whimsical listen from these geniuses. Highly recommended.

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lar said...

i'm a fan of this situation. good listening and i cant fuckin wait for METAL CHOCOLATES....

check them live on KEXP here