Thursday, January 20, 2011

LOL Boys @ Baltic Room Feb. 2nd


If you dont know already, February 2nd at the Baltic Room will be showcasing the cream of the crop of west coast, future bass pioneers. Over the next two weeks ill drop a lil' info on each artist playing and give ya free tune from them for ya'll to vibe out with.

First up to bat, LOL Boys from Los Angles / Montreal

LOL Boys might be the humans Markus G. from Montreal and Jerome P. from Los Angeles, or they might intricately constructed androids conceived on the internet. Along with a growing number of new school producers that are encroaching on uncharted sounds in today's dance music scene: a fair bit of latin beats, a lot of house, and an inability to name exactly what it all might be. These two producers hold down nights in their respective homes, bringing innovative artists through Footworkin' in Montreal and Mega in L.A. Though they are across the continent, LOL Boys have done a variety of remixes over the past year for acts such as Hot City, Crystal Fighters, Para One, Bambounou, and Samo Sound Boy. Their debut, "123," on Palms Out Sounds has been supported by a number of today's "tastemaker" DJs, and it's no surprise that buzz is building about their forthcoming releases on Palms Out Sounds, Discobelle Recods, and Cool Records/Mad Decent.

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Tambor urbano y un solo pueblo - le ole ole le ole ola (LOL Boys edit)

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