Friday, February 25, 2011

The summer I almost bled to death and made animations on Microsoft Paint.

It was the year 2000. I was 15. My dad took me to the doctor because my tonsils were swollen and infected. The doctor told me I would need a tonsillectomy. I had the surgery and the doctors told me it was a success and I would heal up and be fine.

The night after I left the hospital, as I was sleeping in my bed, I shot awake with blood gushing out of my mouth. It was an obscene amount of blood, like something straight out of Kill Bill.

My mom ran to grab a huge metal mixing bowl from the kitchen to catch the blood. I was quickly filling the bowl. What's worse was that every time the blood would clot it would block my airway and I would have to cough up the clot and start hemorrhaging again.

I was rushed to the emergency room. It was in the middle of rural Michigan at 3 a.m. so surgeons were helicoptered in for an emergency operation. The doctors told me I only had 30 mins until I died from blood loss. It turns out I was a bit of a medical anomaly. They told me I had 2 veins on one side of my throat and the average human only has one. The pressure of the extra vein caused the suture in my throat to burst open.

When I was finally released from the hospital I was weak and on a lot of Vicodin. I got the idea to start creating animations by drawing frame by frame with my mouse on Microsoft Paint. I sequenced the thousands of frames together and my animations were born.

I just stumbled across them on my hard drives tonight and I still think they're really cool. Each animation would take a few weeks to complete. It's interesting to see the art I was creating at 15, and I wanted to share them with all you.

They are displayed in the order that I created them in. Enjoy.

I was a little weirdo when I was 15. But I guess I still am.


galanin said...
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G Matter said...

YIKES!!!! At least some art made it's way out of got damn close call

Mai Pai said...

I like them and the music.

Lisa Ries said...

love these. i remember watching some in FL. you should post more. they make my heart smile.

Alex said...

Holy shit!
1. These are superdope!
2. Did you know that Marshall McLuhan had a similar condition:

"Marshall McLuhan’s brain was fueled by fresh blood from the heart through not one but two arteries at the base of his skull, a trait in the mammalian world found mostly in cats and rarely in human beings. As well, people in Marshall’s family tended to die of strokes. Marshall himself had countless small strokes during his lifetime—sometimes in front of a classroom of students, where he’d suddenly gap out for a few minutes and then return to the world.

Why mention this medical information? To establish that Marshall was not merely different but very different, and it wasn’t simply in the way he thought; rather, it was because of the biological mechanisms that made and allowed him to think what he thought."

The medium is the message. McLuhan was the king of metaphor.

pheed said...

super dope!

jason said...

that shit is ill yo! i like the last one the best!

Anthony said...

apparently vicodin is a hell of a drug

p smoov said...

It is when your super young and have never had any kind of mind altering substances before.

rabidchildimages said...

very nice, peter. it's all about the transitions. much like a boy of 15 turning into a man.

Buffalo said...

So fucking awesome.

Anthony said...

haha of course it is man. this is the work of someone legitimately on one.

i enjoyed em