Thursday, February 17, 2011

DJ Apt One - Best of Philly Disco

The homie in Phila, just dropped volume 2 of his series on V-Day, and wanted to share it all with you. I'm at least hoping Mizell appreciates this. And I must say I love his criteria for the mixtapes.

"About 10 minutes into creating my “Best of Philly Disco” mix in 2009, I immediately realized that at least one, if not two sequels were necessary. In trying to represent so many facets of this prolific time in Philly’s music history (and make a tasteful mix), I realized that one mix couldn’t cover it all. Here again are the criteria I used to select the tunes:

1. Made by a Philly-born/bred artist
2. Made by an artist on a Philly record label
3. Written/Arranged/Composed someone strongly associated with the Philly sound
4. Played by a Philly label’s house band

Volume 2 is dedicated to the memory of the great Teddy Pendergrass, who passed away in 2010."

Best of Philly Disco Vol. 1 by DJ Apt One

Best of Philly Disco Vol. 2 by DJ Apt One

Tracklistings on the Soundcloud pages.
More Apt here:

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