Friday, March 13, 2009


okay so you know theres a BEAT BATTLE . and you know p smoov, but do you know the competition that night? lets learn about some contestants, shall we?? i couldnt really find much out there except for Brainstorm videos, and he's actually not competing anymore. such a shame. and why o why is Sebino not flying up for this event?? this is silly. All bets on P.

Marcus D

Really?? I'm sorry, I couldnt watch it. NOT any of it. Not ANY of it.

Buddy Ross

Who? Just blackled this guy. I like his theme song.

P Smoov

Rumor has it Mikes going to be in seattle after a long stay in Peru, I just hope he returns with a moustache.

this saturday just do it. come show some love for Psmeezy and other Triple Crown Kings.


Strong said...

make me proud pdaddy

hiphopartery said...

Phee Dill would kill all competition

p smoov said...

this post tought me what "blackle" is. good idea.

Sylvain said...

what's the song we're hearing behind your voice P ?
It sounds fucking awsome !!