Monday, March 23, 2009

Fresh Espresso x The Stranger Blog

Charles Mudede wrote a nice little paragraph today on the Line Out about our boys Rik & P for their single "Girls & Fast Cars". Heeeeereeee you go:

The Return of the Cigar Rockstar.
"I still stand by my next wave theory, and proof of that coming wave can be heard here, at 206Proof: Fresh Espresso's "Girls & Fast Cars." It's hiphop but it has nothing to do with MassLine, Sportin' Life, VitaminD/JakeOne/BeanOne moment that is happening now. We are witnessing a rupture, and the epicenter of that break is P Smoov." - C. Mudede

Fresh Espresso - Glamour coming very very very very very soon on Out For Stardom.