Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Awesome work by Director Zia and Macklemore!


chimaxtli said...

I am so proud of your music and style you have heart my son.I feasted with Micheal Collins kin in Belfast. Nates ward is his nephew(Michael McNerlin).You need To carry on. I thank you for the kind words you told me of my son Buff Madd. I am moving to be close to help you all in any way I can. Our people have a saying in belfast againn riamh stad, againn riamh ghéilleadh. to the Bone

TyWeezie said...

Agreed. This was one of the most touching videos i've seen this year. I loved seeing all the beautiful faces in our community and the video really brought out our unique culture in Seattle. What a pleasure. Mack killed it