Friday, August 26, 2011

The Emerald City Sequence


The Wiz is the black version of the wizard of oz. It starred Michael Jackson, Richard Pryor, Diana Ross, and a bunch of other cats. I (OCnotes) re-edited the movie and then remixed the entire soundtrack and put it to my re-edited version of the movie. On August 31st we will be showing the movie at Nectar Lounge on a big screen. Its gonna go so hard. Ill be playing live alongside the soundtrack, its gonna be unforgettable.

As if that wasnt enough...Chocolate Chuck is playin cuts all night and Metal Chocolates is going to perform.

Its also Mr. POMZ birthday and he's putting this whole thing together. Thank you POMZ.

Plus BBQ and a party bus that heads from Cap Hill to Nectar and back. HIt Pomz or OC up for tickets. Only 10 Bucks. Zing!

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