Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SOL - "This Shit" (Official Music Video)

This is a vid I shot a couple months ago with my brutha Billy Summers and his beautiful Super 8 Nizo 801. We went with ASA 50 on Kodak's Vision2 stock that was perfed, slit and loaded by Pro 8mm down in LA. Not to mention they also did the process and transfer for me as well.

When Sol came to me with the track, the concept was already there in my head, so the two just seemed to fit. We knocked it out in a couple hours with only 9 rolls. Beat that. Indie music video making is hard enough with digital, to throw film in the mix is just fucking stupid. Hella fun though and there was no way I wasn't gonna do it. We planned a little extra and hit the thrift shops hard. Here's the result.

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Radjaw said...

gorgeous video! good work, gents