Monday, August 8, 2011

Vodyanoi (mp3)

Vodyanoi by Cookie Snake

Guitar: Gabriel. Bass: Stanfield. Drums: Trent. From The Well Studio.

Vodyanoi – Mechanical Iguana Years. A mute vehicle leans velocity. Condor circles deciphered. Vodyanoi now has ears. Ingestion connects upon you.

On the 17th story, a perch emerges above the girders. A place that wasn’t meant to be. A place where nothing goes that doesn’t crawl or fly. Stairs to, filed down by leaf rot, claws, and gnawing jaws. From the ledge the wet city reveals itself in cement skin. Halogen clouds brush and shove from your feet, moving to voices below. You sit, severed, surveying. Tonight you see electromagnetically. You can see heat. Scores of human forms, reddish orange. Animals, ovens. Furnaces and engines. Higher heat glows white. Hearts a yellow. You see outlines scampering themselves to sleep in digital dens. You hear wolves howling hollow in the hills. There are others out there that long.

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