Friday, August 26, 2011


Moombahton, Drag, Witch House = Brujaton

The latest experiment on Moombahton. Chi Town's STLKRFXXX aka Starfoxxx took some heavy drag witch house sounds and took it to 108bpm and had it ride some Reggaeton and moombah beats. Mixed in the distorted semi lo fidelity of Witch House as well. A lot of dark droning vocals. Only listen if you are mentally stable. This shit makes me look over my shoulders constantly when I got my headphones on. What gives it an even creeper vibe, is that its inspired by a girl STLKRFXXX (hence the new aka) was stalking last summer. GWAN. Download the whole EP below.

KAROLINA EP by starfoxxxchicago

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Tyweeze said...

This is amazing! Dark and creepy