Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dj Soulja Man 'Eski-Tech'


Another large release from my L.A. bros Samo Soundboy & Jerome (LOL Boys) label Body High. This one comes in the form of the mystrioues Dj Soulja Man.'Eski-Tech' brings the cold burn with gunshot-peppered rhythms, weaving elements of Wiley's finest into a twisted swingjack flow. DJ Dodger Stadium backs him up with a rudest Dance Mania style on the 'Stadium' remix, and PDX's Massacooramaan's, formally know as Dave Quam,'No Pulse No Heartbeat' configures some crazy, hollowed out fusion of Soca, Footwork and Grime. Than they go and release a free remix of said tune by Bellingham badman Cedaa and another joint by Soulja Man. Get active on it.


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