Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4 New PSMOOV beats.


I'm P Smoov.

This weekend I really wanted to focus on composing new beats. I have been a bit more busy lately than usual and I wanted to make sure to set aside some time for myself to compose. Here are four beats from my sessions over these three days (sun/mon/tue).


I hoped you liked em. Actually I hoped you listened to all of them from start to finish and felt what you liked about them. But either way I hope.


P Smoov


p smoov said...
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Sylvain said...

well "A good sin" is trully fantastic, it reminds me of the new french wave I'm listening to (I'm french). Same thing for " Molly lolipops".
For the other ones, it's really fresh too, but I guess it will be even better with raps on.

Pete if it's okay with you I'll send you an email, I might help you discover some crazy french beats.

p smoov said...

Go for it. psmoov@gmail.com

Opee said...

wher'd you get the idea for the "money,money,money" joint?

p smoov said...

I put a comment on twitter stating "anyone got some good ideas for a sample" and @thegoodsin hit me back with this great sample. It's ABBA.

TyWeezie said...

A Good Sin is where it's at...YES

Phee Dill said...

very different...I like em all. Admit One and A Good Sin are the standouts..but the others will grow on me. I like where you're going with your beats P. Admit One kind of reminds me of My Product..could be the drums...or the soul clap.


Luke said...

Damn. Haven't even listened to 'Admit One' yet. The percussion on 'Drizzed' is freakishly immersive but the textures are a joy to brush my hands up against. 'Molly Lollipop' is the breeze on a ferris wheel at the end of a perfect day.

The Prince of Ballard said...

admit one is crazy. how do you feel about sending me the MP3??????