Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interviewer Interview x Jonathan Cunningham

Recently on a mini road trip to Portland, Seattle Weekly writer Jonathan Cunningham decided to hop in the van and come with us. He was working on a story and needed up close and personal time with the boys. I took this time to flip the script and interview him. It was a long day and night of drinking for this man, and I have definitely seen him in rare form. He earned a few nicknames over this time: Jonathan Snoozingham, Sly Pork, and Malcom-Jamal Warner. I truly like making fun of him and will continue to do so.

TR: How does it feel being an african-american writer in a predominantly white city like Seattle?
JC: I feel like the token writer at my paper. I really do enjoy Seattle but I love Detroit, I feel its my destiny to die there.
TR: Do you have a close relationship with family back there?
JC: I am the youngest in ten so you definitely know that its a big family. Every mother's day I buy my mother flowers.
TR: How about your father?
JC: My father has never read anything that I have written. I don't get him anything for father's day.
TR: Sad. Well, Seattle is happy to have you!
JC: Thanks, I love my job with the paper but the editor job at The Stranger is really what i want. Plus I haven't had sex with anyone in the editorial department at the Weekly but do know that some of them are fucking people at The Stranger.
TR: Would you fight Eric Grandy?
JC: It would be no contest.
(Jonathan Cunningham then decides to litter empty beer cans out the van like its nothing and shrugs it off when confronted.)
TR: Who are three music acts in Seattle that you are really feeling right now?
JC: Born Anchors, Khingz, and Fresh Espresso.
TR: What act do you think is most overrated?
JC: Hallways? Yeah, I don't get it.
TR: Do you like MSHVB?
JC: I like the drummer because he's black not because he's 14. He is the new Questlove.
TR: Do you prefer Nike or Reeboks?
JC: I like Nike but have never owned a pair. I'm wearing Reeboks.
TR: What size shoe do you wear?
JC: 8. Same as Bryce Brown.
TR: Better Segal? Dave Segal or Beanie Sigel?
JC: Dave.
TR: Better Freeway? Freeway or I-5?
JC: I-5.
TR: Beanie Sigel or Freeway?
JC: Freeway for his voice.
TR: Michael Jackson or R. Kelly?
JC: R. Kelly. He's done more for R&B music.
TR: What are your hangout spots?
JC: I go to a lot of really whack clubs frequently and hit on every woman.
TR: Who's your favorite dreaded person dead or alive?
JC: Johnny One-Dread from Rockers.
TR: Do you smoke weed?
JC: Yes.
TR: Favorite munchie?
JC: Asian food in the ID.
TR: Do you want to write a novel?
JC: One day, yes, but I wouldn't get a house like Chevy Chase did in Funny Farm.
TR: How was your experience with Mad Rad this weekend?
JC: Ya'll are the whitest motherfuckers in Seattle. No, not really, but you are the first white people at my house.

Thanks Jonathan for your time. I think you're a stand up guy and I am now glad to call you my friend.


lar said...

El oh hell

Jonathan Cunningham said...

Disclaimer: It should be noted that the majority of "my answers" here were completely made up by Radjaw not me.
This is just comedy folks.

Radjaw said...

disclaimer: that is total bullshit!! jonathan cunningham was a great person to interview.. and when its over the course of a 24 hour drunken state, you can surely quote him on lots of greatness. love you JC!!