Monday, June 1, 2009

New PSMOOV solo song.


I'm P Smoov.

I made a song today that I like and would like to share with you.

This song is called "after the lights go out"

I made this song on pro-tools (digidesign) with help from my KORG MS2000br and some soft synths (pro 53 + Kompakt).

For some more music by P Smoov (me) go to


Sylvain said...

great song !
is the album gettin ready ?

Radjaw said...

i love this!
and darwin will thoroughly enjoy the breakdown at the end.

TyWeezie said...


p smoov said...

@ sylvain -- Yeah, don't sleep has an ever changing tracklist of about 15 songs right now. With more tracks coming in from Spaceman, Macklemore, They Live!, Geo from blue scholars and more! stay tuned.

Sylvain said...

@ P Smoov : thanks for the informations about your cd, I'm waiting for it !

I have another question for you : I found Last Call & Last Call 3 (which are so fantastic) on Type's two first cds, and I also got Lazt Kall on Grieves' Irreversible, but it sounds like a pre-version of Last Call 1. Anyway I never found any Last Call 2. On which tape was it ?

Thanks again

p smoov said...

I think the order that those beats were made in were Lazt Kall, then Last Call , and last Last Call 3...

But the order they were released was Last Call, Lazt Kall, and Last Call 3.

I don't think there ever was a Last call 2, it was just called LAZT KALL.

I still really dig my paper boy verse on the first one.And i cannot remember at all how the beat goes for Last Call 3... what album is that on?

Sylvain said...

So Last Call 3 was on Type's "Well Known Secrets" (excellent cd by the way).

Here is the link for the cd (free on Type's myspace):

Or you can listen to LAst Call 3 on his unofficial myspace :

"and my hustle is grimey, I could sell a budhist Karma and a clock timing..."

jeffy steez said...

You could make a beat even if you had to hum it