Monday, June 15, 2009

Chk Minus @ Chop Suey

I enjoy a lot of local bands and one that caught my attention last summer from day one was Chk Minus. A three piece including a bassist, guitarist, and lead singer/drum sequencer-programmer the band really struck me with a grand aesthetic. To be rocking that hard without a drummer was difficult for me to grasp, but soon after I found myself compelled and eager to watch Bryce Brown wail away on drum pads and keyboards. Recently, the band went back into the studio with a new lead singer: Buffalo Madonna. The past two weeks have been a hurried journey for the band to write new material and find a new balance within the music. I haven't heard one sound, and I am looking foward to this epic event tomrrow night at Chop Suey. Weekend (Gajamagic!) and TacocaT also peform. Family will definitely be in the house for this one.

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