Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chocolate Coins

If you are not yet aware, Metal Chocolates is playing Neumos on April 1st with Viper Creek Club & Truckasauras. OFS x MC are releasing a Metal Chocolates Gift Box that evening. This limited edition coin is only part of that box, and yes it is delicious edible milk chocolate.

There will be Limited Edition Metal Chocolates gift boxes available at the show on April 1st @ Neumos. The boxes will contain limited edition metal chocolates gear, edibles, audio recordings, psychedelic visual prints, and other extra special goodies, all in a custom screen printed box. They are available for pre-order at metalchocolates.com. Be one of the lucky 100 and get yours now before they fly away at the show.


p smoov said...

So badass. Everyone ever should go to this show.

Marcus Dash EXP said...

when i heard about these coins and the "giftbox" i thought GENIUS