Thursday, March 31, 2011

Purse Thursday - Sierra

Purse Thursday is here! This is the second week I am interviewing the purses of women. These women do not know they are going to be interviewed, so catching them and their purse in their utmost natural presence is most important. I'm excited to learn more about the fashions and styles of women, see how much stuff they carry around, and just how clean or nasty they are. Shall we?

Sierra, age 31. Black shoulder bag. 10:45pm Elysian Brewing.

Terry Radjaw: What kind of bag is this?
Sierra: LeSportsac
TR: How long have you had it?
S: I just got it 2 days ago.
TR: A new purse? How fancy, too bad there won't be any dirt dirt in there.
S: I am very organized, my purses are always like this.
TR: Well, let's see what you got inside!
Makeup bag that says "Looking For Trouble"
S: It's not just a makeup bag! It's way more than that!
Inside the make up bag are:
Business cards
Dental picks
Nicotine patch
TR: There's not any makeup at all in there, crazy!
Coin purse
Haiku brand wallet
S: I got this for Australia to keep all my money, cards, and IDs in good organized fashion.
TR: So this was like your own kangaroo pouch?
S: Yes!
TR: Can you tell me a haiku about your purse?
S: A haiku?
TR: Yes. It goes 5,7,5 syllable structure.
S: I know what a haiku is, I just don't have one.
TR: C'mon..
S: Black and Rainbow Fun.
San Francisco, I Love You!
Crossroads Has Good Shit.
TR: Score!
Paul Frank glasses case
A bag of salted nuts
TR: Are these items sort of a metaphor for life? You know, apples and oranges. Nuts!?
S: Uhh... sure.
Keys on a carabiner on a bungie cord
S: That's a really cool feature, huh?
TR: Huh?
Another lighter
TR: Would you trade your purse for a Klondike bar?
S: No.
TR: How would you best describe the contents of your purse?
S: After seeing them all, I'd say I'm like a boy scout. I am prepared and ready to go on an overnight trip.
TR: I thank you for your time.


Sierra said...

SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION -- INSERT COMMENT HERE: Hey stylish lads and ladies! Come get a fresh new cut from me and my amazing and oddly organized purse! Swing Salon, 25th and E. Union in the CD.

The Elephant's Trunk said...

hahaha this is hilarious i love purse thursdays now!