Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So a friend of a friend sent me this picture saying her friend is getting this tattoo for two reasons: 1. Because he is entering the Army and 2. Because he loves Mad Rad. Cheers to this guy for not only supporting good music, but also this country. We wish him nothing but good fortunes out there.

Which now leads me to ask.. Which member of Mad Rad's face would you get on your body? Leave comments below.



ima get gregs face tattooed over my face.-gajamagic

duganjames27 said...

This is my tattoo i got it here last weekend in Jacksonville NC and I just wanted to say 1. Im *IN the United States Marine Corps. definitely NOT the army ;) and 2 MAD RAD'S THE SHIT. Being stationed here im so far away from the seattle music scene right now but i can't wait to see how things are going when i get home. Much love- Dugan

p smoov said...

I wanna get Darwin's face on my fist. So no matter who I hit, I'm still punchin Darwin in the face.